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Here’s some (modern world?) Claudia headcanons no one asked for:

-very materialistic

-despises dubstep

-still prefers dresses, but makes an effort to dress as adult as she can

-prefers floral scents with the exception of champagne and cashmere

-wishes she could drive

-thinks Lestat is an idiot but doesn’t want him dead anymore

-hates Armand

-only wears real jewels or pearls

-loves rose gold

-still prefers books to any other media but pictures fascinate her and she has an active instagram account

-not an animal person, doesn’t like Mojo

-enjoys killing pedophiles

-Marius fascinated her immensely and she will ask him question after question about anything. Marius answers them all

-people watching makes her sad but she still does it

-politics fascinate her

-Louis is still her everything

-she was initially extremely overwhelmed by the modern world but became fiercely determined to understand everything

-the only laps she’ll sit on are Louis and Marius

-despises the color black

-when she decided to purchase her own house Lestat suggested a Mini Home (bc he’s still a jerk) instead she bought a mansion with one more bedroom than Lestat and Louis’ home

Feel free to add if you want

-listens to lana del rey and florence + the machine

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Armand and Daniel aesthetic board

Ft. an Armand/Daniel playlist bc these two ruined me and I wanted to share my anguish.
(It’s all just sad bops and sex songs but that imo is a pretty good sum of their relationship.)