[X] Interview with the Vampire concept art by Mark “Crash” McCreery

(Warner Bros., 1994) Haunting head & shoulders portrait of Tom Cruise as the vampire “Lestat” struggling on the ground while blood is gushing from his slit throat. Accomplished in pencil on a leaf of 14 ¾ in. x 8 in. artist’s illustration paper. Fine.

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Here’s smtg fresh I found, posting it now in your honor, concept art from IWTV….


Interview with the Vampire – final scene artwork – copy used on set – (28 x 16) INT. INN SUPPER ROOM. By Dante Ferretti. Will post it separately, too. 

what are your thoughts about sybelle? I just finished VA and I don’t know what to think. I just know I don’t quite like her nor benji (but I already see the post about him…) so I wanted to know what do ya think about her?? I love your blog btw it’s amazing and you’re a sweetie! <3

Merci beaucoup what a lovely thing to say! *u*

So, Sybelle! A rare one for ppl to ask about and rarely chosen for RP. I remember there was @sybelle-the-appassionata, but it looks like they’re on hiatus. There was also @play-the-appassionata, looks inactive now, but their archive might have smtg for you!

I don’t really have positive or negative feelings towards her, but in light of later canon, she’s become more solid, more believable, and I do hope AR develops her some more. There’s more to Sybelle than being ANOTHER beautiful blonde woman-child, and having a name of Greek derivation; Sybelle means “prophetess, oracle.” Does she foresee things in canon? Not so much, IIRC, but maybe that has yet to happen.


^While I was thinking about your ask these last few days, I saw this Visual Development from Tangled by Claire Keane

[X] and thought WOW SYBELLE.

In fact I think the comparison is more than reasonable; Sybelle also seemed isolated in a tower, and further isolated herself with her obsession with the piano, specifically, Beethoven’s Appassionata

We have Sybelle to thank for waking Lestat from his coma, so I set my alarm to one of the stronger sections of the Appassionata,

you really cannot ignore it or shut it out, and it’s NOT the most pleasant thing to wake up to. It works though, it really works. IT COULD WAKE THE DEAD. I had to change it after a few weeks, but try it!

Just try and tell me that Valentina Lisitsa isn’t basically Sybelle, just look at her! She’s just older.

For more on Sybelle, try my #sybelle and #the vampire sybelle tags. There’s a little fanart, cosplay, some meta by other ppl, some mentions of Benji (since he’s kind of part of her package deal!) and spoilers. 



Interview With The Vampire Original Concept Art


Louis de Pointe du Lac. Concept art by Mark ‘Crash’ McCreery, makeup by Michele Burke (micheleburke-makeupdesigner)


Pointe du Lac cemetery. Comparing the final set design to the concept art by Dante Ferretti.