InktoberVC Day 17: Vampire Snapchat

“No, Lestat. Just because you just woke up it does not mean it’s ‘morning’.”

I think I had not drawn Lestat in AGES. With the help of @i-want-my-iwtv I though he should wear some fancy Gucci or Balenciaga, but Gucci’s new collection was more appropriate with my ink colours, so Gucci it is.

My reference was Martin Rolinski (as suggested by both @i-want-my-iwtv and @joffrey-barathe0n ), and damn, if it was real I would totally follow the BratPrince on Snapchat (or even better, Instagram). I think that deserves its own mini-comic!



Snapchat really was created just for Lestat. Snapstat.

Could you tell us more about the signing with AR you attended? :)

Yes indeedy there will be a legit post! Altho I have been feeding u little bits from it already 😉 For now have this:


^Can u guess which one is me? I AM IN THE RED VELVET SHE DID NOT EVEN COMMENT and also the lighting on her is better than on me but whatever whatever it’s all fine. 


[X] ^booksigning selfie of moi by @roselioncourt​ ❤


i told my sister the way i draw lestat’s nose looks kinda like lana del rey’s and

like seriously AU where everything is the same but Lestat became a singer in 2011 with sadcore indie pop instead of 80s rock and all the vampires were bitching about him waking up Akasha with his “weepy hipster crap”

“this is my body/this is my blood” LESTAT U CANS NOT JUST USE BIBLE TEXT AS LYRICS. It’s copyright infringement, surely.