InktoberVC Day 17: Vampire Snapchat

“No, Lestat. Just because you just woke up it does not mean it’s ‘morning’.”

I think I had not drawn Lestat in AGES. With the help of @i-want-my-iwtv I though he should wear some fancy Gucci or Balenciaga, but Gucci’s new collection was more appropriate with my ink colours, so Gucci it is.

My reference was Martin Rolinski (as suggested by both @i-want-my-iwtv and @joffrey-barathe0n ), and damn, if it was real I would totally follow the BratPrince on Snapchat (or even better, Instagram). I think that deserves its own mini-comic!




Lestat does not enjoy his trip to Starbucks.

Armand is losing his shit in the distance

THEY KNOW HIM TOO WELL stop the overly flirtatious attitude w/ those poor overworked baristas so much and maybe they’ll get your name right you ass


I’m not great with names, but I want to name my Apple TV something VC related. Can you please help?

I don’t know what’s unique about Apple TVs I just have a regular TV, but maybe a pun about TV or apples? Also depends on how much canon you’ve read, and which books, bc there are characters who don’t exist in all the books. Here’s a list of the characters, looks fairly up-to-date, but if you haven’t read all the books beware, spoilers.

There’s the recent and increasingly popular “Le Slut”…


[^X by @sheepskeleton]

I actually named my computer Flavius ages ago (maybe high school?) when Pandora was new and it was appropriate bc Flavius was my faithful servant… Who do you want faithfully serving/entertaining you? Altho sometimes Flavius crashed, of course. He did his best!

Other food-related names… there was also The Vampire Almond, from ages ago… there was even an RPer for it @thevampirealmond, “Akashew” was mentioned there.


Anyone is welcome to add ideas!



Snapchat really was created just for Lestat. Snapstat.





Look all I’m saying is, if snapchat existed in the 80’s Daniel would most definitely have ‘not so passive’ aggressively snapped Armand a lot.

but what if he just took Polaroids and left them all over the place for Armand to find when he woke up. YOU CAN WRITE LITTLE NOTES/CAPTIONS ON THE WHITE STRIP ON THE BOTTOM so it definitely happened. 

He definitely did that. Someone artsy make them now, I need them in my life



i love the idea of lestat being a huge fan of selfie culture and also sending gabrielle awful snapchats all the time with louis unwillingly participating in them

Omg Lestat, there is a girl in my art class who basically looks like the female version of Armand and I am totally crushing haha. Like I didn’t even know that that level of beautiful hair actually existed and she is so funny and cute, she’s so great. Sometimes it freaks me out though because I look over and see her from the back and I think I see Armand and it’s so weird.

♛Armand’s capable of being funny and cute, you should see him when he’s pulling things apart with Daniel! 

Yes, that gorgeous russet hair does in fact exist. I love the excuse to touch it when I pose him in our selfies.


[^X by @sheepskeleton]