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Louis de pointe du lac

Hey, I just realised that there’s a damn cat with a top hat right in your blog and I don’t know how the hell does that relate with VC, BUT IT SOMEHOW DOES <3333333 #vampiresandcatswearingtophats

It’s this lil kitteh bein’ all Lestatuesque [X] that’s how it relates to VC! Not my meme, but I love it:


um yes of course 



[X] I might be changing the cat’s hat/accessories for different holidays tho! ❤

i had a dream last night that you finished updating your theme etc. and if that doesn’t say i spend too much time browsing your archive, nothing will

Omg… I am… so flattered that my blog was in your dreams! But also embarrassed bc it was about the long-awaited update! I am super flattered that you browse my archive that much, you’ve made my day for sure ;D


Ok, I really need to get that done…  I CHANGED THE HEADER JUST FOR YOU, ANON! TODAY! I took out the construction signage and gave the kitty a top hat. He is so dapper now. I’d like to keep him in the new layout somewhere and just change his hat/accessorize him on a regular basis… ANYWAY CONSTRUCTION CONTINUES, behind the screen, w/o signage!


The thing is, the new layout is currently… pastel grunge? More like just pastel. all lighter colors w/ a dark font and IDK how I feel about that. I’m resisting the transition. And my webmistress demands tags on the center bottom of posts and just… I LIKE THEM ON THE SIDE. Don’t you guys prefer them on the side? Like a side of French fries!

I think I need to stick with a similar color scheme and just make the layout more easily navigable. There won’t be fancy animated buttons or anything superfluous like that. 

The other obstacle(s) is that I have yet to write up this stuff (and yes, I could put temp pages up, but I’d rather unveil it all at once!): 

  • Nav page w/ all the really good links like “cut scenes.” “For RPers.” “Fanfic.” “Fanart Request,” and analysis/critique of VC so ppl can easily find that stuff. 
  • FAQ for stuff I am frequently asked, and you’d be surprised but I am asked similar questions alot, one common topic is the order in which the books should be read (#order of operations for VC), just as an example.
  • About – so I could make it perfectly clear how unofficial a VC blog this is! Idk how I’d feel about being officially affiliated or approved by AR in some way… I’d be honored but I’d also worry about how that might limit my freedom of speech/reblogging of things that are critical of VC. We’ll cross that bridge if we ever come to it, and I’ll of course let you all know.
  • a Rules page for RPing with my Lestat, so I don’t have to keep explaining to people why he can’t do legit threads with their muses when they reach out to have a legit thread with him. I feel bad turning ppl down but I just don’t have the copious free time needed to thread with everyone who wants to do so ;A;

Since it’s STILL under construction, I am open to ideas as to anything else you think should be on the blargh. Not to say I will include them but I’m open-minded ;]

Hello, my sweet prince. Look who’s back! Did you miss me? I did.

♛*Lestat stops in his tracks* “What an unpleasant surprise. You’re far too early for Halloween, petit fantôme.” *He continues on.*

First of all, I want to say that I love your blog! You are awesome! (•u•)/ And second, I read somewhere that IWTV is like the third or fourth highest-grossing vampire book, it is true? ( and if not, which Chronicle is the highest-grossing? )

Awww love for the blarg! *u* and merciiii, I am quite awesome. [X]


IDK if IWTV is a high-grossing vampire book, I would hope so! My guess would be its ranking in vampire book lists has changed over time. Popularity probably surged when movie!IWTV and movie!QOTD came out, when the Lestat Musical came out, when each new book comes out, etc. 

If not IWTV, I wouldn’t know which is the highest-grossing, but I would bet it’s TVL, because it establishes alot of the Ricean vampire lore/rules, and that’s the one they are focusing on in the new film adaptation.


… and then it also depends on ppl’s access to the book, whether they have to sneak it bc they are 8 yr olds reading their big sister’s battered paperback, or adults listening to the audiotapes bc it was recc’d by a friend, who knows! Everyone seems to come in at different times in their lives, different ways. Very few ppl tell me they just saw it on a shelf and the cover made them want to give it a try, it’s usually someone giving it to them like a drug dealer gives you a taste of the goods to get you hooked… lol.

Anyone can reblog w/ info on this!



Murder Family AU-Vampire Chronicles.

“We are her fathers now” That is what Hannibal said to Will…and I could not help but remember what happened in “Interview with the vampire” Lestat said “I’m Lestat, we’re your new fathers now.” -talking about him and Louis-.
The resemblance is amazing,at least for me…I mean …they are a family,with two fathers, we all know that Hannibal and Lestat did that to make a bond…both characters are manipulative little shits.

Some reference pictures:

Louis & Claudia
Lestat & Claudia