If given the choice would you want to be a vampire or be mortal?

Yes I would like to vampire plz!


[^Portrait of moi by the amazingly talented @vaciel, it’s a WIP, I hope they finish it someday]

(Let’s assume I don’t get to choose or stay w/ my maker, and I don’t get to choose to be w/ the VC characters bc then this answer would be impossibly long. I’ll respond to those aspects in separate posts if anyone is interested.)

What would I do with my immortality? SO MANY. Vampiring: I would probably be the slayer of the evildoer, cheesy as it sounds it’s pretty reasonable, following in Lestat’s footsteps, but I’d also want to try wild animals like his mom does… I would write all about it, for sure. Every power and every limitation. The killing part of it would probably be tedious some nights and I would complain about having to go to those seedy places for my victims, and I would probably get into situations that would be somewhat out of my control and get shot in the back and I’d come home and complain about it even louder while my mom extracts the bullet fragments and stitches me back up and says “I told you so,” in so many words. “What, what did you tell me, Mom?” “Be careful what you wish for, obviously.” idk if I would turn my parents but it would be hard not to bc I love them.

We’re assuming I figure out the financial aspect bc currently I do not spend enough time and energy on that… I would need a good cash flow to support my adventures and artistic pursuits. I’d commission artists of all kinds, I’d maybe put together a studio collective, let ppl work at night with me or they could work during the day, I don’t really mind, as long as their work gets done. Probably have multiple projects of different kinds going on at any given time.

I wish I could say I would work on social justice causes, and maybe I would. I wouldn’t want the kind of exposure that might make me a target though, so if I did try to make the world a better place, it would be through my studio’s works, or financial support, or some other private way.

Companions? Idk… I’d like to think I could find someone to spend eternity with but that’s hard, ppl do change. I’d probably be better off as Armand has advised, finding another pre-fabricated vampire, rather than making my own companion.





Look all I’m saying is, if snapchat existed in the 80’s Daniel would most definitely have ‘not so passive’ aggressively snapped Armand a lot.

but what if he just took Polaroids and left them all over the place for Armand to find when he woke up. YOU CAN WRITE LITTLE NOTES/CAPTIONS ON THE WHITE STRIP ON THE BOTTOM so it definitely happened. 

He definitely did that. Someone artsy make them now, I need them in my life







NO 😂

I’m George RR Martin 

growing up in maine us writers were of course always comparing ourselves to stephen king.  TURNS OUT HE’S FUCKING WRITER GEORG

“average writer writes 3 books a year" factoid actualy just statistical error. average person writes 1 book per year. Steven King, who lives in cave & writes over 10,000 each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

Stephen King is the challenge I set for myself daily.



When someone tries to tell you that you have to be pale to be goth, just remember this picture.😘

Bringing this back! Someone actually stole this post (as in with my quote, I didn’t make the picture) but took the time to cut my username out and now its being shared all over facebook, ruuude~ So here is the original.:P

Did you read Prince Lestat and if so, is there anything about Nicholas? I do not read the books in English so time will pass till I come to the last one.

Yes, I did read it! No real spoilers under the cut, bc the short answer, about Nicolas, is No :- 


Characters refer to Nicolas a few times but he’s not around. There is the theory out there that he faked his death and may yet reappear in the next book, though!

Lestat still has the letters Eleni wrote to him about the Theatre, and he writes about them: “the letters that told me of its prosperity with the Paris audiences, of Armand’s governance, and of the death of my Nicolas, my second fledgling, my only mortal friend, and my greatest failure.” 






the reason i love him is that he is very unthreatening, he doesn’t scare me, he just yells to make people happy, listen to his baby, his baby isn’t scared of him she’s happy that makes me feel so good so good

Look at her cheeks!!!!