• Light a candle
  • Mumble something grumpy
  • Keep going forward

great googily moogily


About once every 3 days I remember this post and also burst out laughing.



damnitarmand is such an incredible Armand. Their prose is rich and beautiful and they manage to capture all of the different facets of Armand’s complex and mercurial personality so well. Their writing is always such a pleasure to read.”

// Eek! This is so incredibly kind. Whoever you are, come here so I can hug you immediately. You are wonderful.

Brief message of my own to all the writers, readers, fanartists, shy shadow-lurkers and lovely souls of the VC fandom: massive amounts of love and respect to each and every one of you.

(to muse) Story of your first kiss?

“Ah, it was one of the most erotic, most savoring moments I had ever experienced. It was a brisk moment, caught in the smooth heat of the night. He was laying there, my beloved Nicolas. His long, beautiful hair was spread across the pillow, and he glowed there with an ethereal presence.

I placed myself down next to him and cupped his face; he shied away at first, but I calmed him nevertheless. I softly claimed his lips with mine, and we danced into a night of superb passion. The rest they say, is history.”


“In all honesty, without all the fans who rp and make fanfiction and fan art about this series I would have lost interest a long time ago. You guys all bring these characters to life and are so passionate about them where Anne fails. Seriously, I have read fanfictions that are leaps and bounds better written and more interesting than her latest books. Keep up the amazing work!”