Hey guys, unfortunately I’m still having trouble finding work, so I’m officially opening up commissions again! About a month ago I updated some of my commission info, so do check out the full details here, but new prices are:

  • Half body, no colour – $10
  • Full body, no colour – $15
  • Half body, colour – $25
  • Full body, colour – $30
  • Additional figures – $10

If you’re interested, feel free to send me a message and we can hash out the details, but even just sharing this post would be super cool. Big, big love to all of you in advance ❤


Lestat by @good-evening-kiss​, this is a cropped version of the fanart I commissioned, will post the larger image later! I love it, and g.e.k. was lovely to work with, highly recommend ❤

@just-another-vcblog‘s tags: #last night i had a dream involving this#it was projected onto the ice during a hockey game#and the anouncers were saying#BEHOLD#and i kept trying to get a picture to prove it#but of course i could not#art#lestat de lioncourt#vampire chronicles

I’M? LIKE? I think shoving your commissioned fanart avatar into someone’s dreams is a level of psychological presence Lestat would be hella pleased about. 

SO FOR YOU I’ll post the full image so you can see what was projected onto the ice during your dream hockey game:


^@good-evening-kiss is a gift to our fandom. I asked for this fanart to be based on this ‘shop I did ❤

A night in



Thank you, Sheep! I absolutely love this pic! <3<3

Armand and Riccardo relaxing 

Art by: @sheepskeleton

A commission I did for @maestroderomanus ❤ My boys being reunited is clearing my skin and watering my crops, honestly



Hello there! I finally figured out how to make you know can commission me!!! If you are intrested contact me in chat and..check out!!! Traditional art is directly sent to your address without you paying anything in addicting ✨ ~love,Vichy

Always keep your fangs sparkly clean! I commissioned this from the fabulous @lousysharkbutt as a gift for @gairid/ @vampchronfic, one of my fave fic writers in the VC fandom, for her birthday today! It’s

Gairid’s OC Brian Callahan, with Lestat de Lioncourt and Louis de Pointe du Lac.

I headcanon that the vampires don’t always bother with this sort of thing but when it’s been a really messy evening, as they get ready for bed, they might want to brush their fangs, too. Brian is a very close mortal friend of theirs, and he lives with them sometimes, and even though he knows what they are, seeing those fangs is always a little unnerving.

A++ to @lousysharkbutt for including in all these little details I asked for, including Brian’s Night Island tourist tank, Louis’ ripped up nightshirt, and his mom-style showercap, and Lestat wearing nothing bc reasons ❤ Their expressions are perfection and this is a wonderful artist to work with, fast turnaround and delivers more than requested, can’t recommend them highly enough ^______^



my wisdom teeth have gotten too wise and have decided to leave my dumb head, please help me afford sedation for them to rip em out LMAO 

  • $20 for one character
  • +15 for additional characters
  • i’ll do comics, gifs, environments, ASK ME
  • YES i will draw ocs YES i will draw your ____sona YES i will draw furries
  • IF you want something shippy, even if its mainstream or you think i might ship it, ASK ME
  • NO i will not draw nsfw

ask me or message me or send me an email at