♡InktoberVC day 16: Your OTP!

I live and die for the murder husbands


Lestat: You Give Love A Bad Name // Bon Jovi

Armand: Love Me Please Love Me // Michel Polnareff

(The English translation of the song in my art is quoted from this video)

♡InktoberVC day 15: Karaoke Night!

Lestat and Armand in a karaoke battle.

@theoneandonlylestat @wellijustfinnihedoneofthebooks Thanks for helping me to decide which one(Lestat or Armamd) I should draw. I drew them both!



♡InktoberVC day 2: Blood Communion!

Taking a photo as a memento of the publication of the new book, somehow.

Your art is so wonderful I imagine you doing like full length manga volumes of vc lol


Haha, so hard for me to do it! It’s too voluminous😂 

But yes, I sometimes enjoy translating VC books into a shōjo manga style in my head while reading them, and there are some scenes I want to draw. I’ll try to do those scenes…someday! lol

And also! I have some silly short-fancomic ideas in my head. I’m going to draw at least one of them during this summer. If you would like to, please take a look when It’s posted here~ (*^_^*)