two vampires go to bed. it’s nearly sunset so they have to sleep soon. says one of them: “i’m still soo hungry, i’m gonna find me a quick drink” so he gets up and flies off… 5 minutes later he returns, smeared in blood. says the other vampire: “woah where did you find someone this late?”.. “well, do you see that tree there?”.. “yes”… “I didn’t.”

♛We’re just not ourselves when we’re hungry, are we?




//no but what i really wanna know is

When antoine shows up in the street outside trinity gate and starts playing the violin like a crazy person and drawing a human audience
How did THAT conversation go, I mean now I’m just imagining it like,
Armand: The hell…?! *rolls up sleeves*
Louis: Oh… it’s whatshisface!
Armand: You know this guy??
Louis: Uhh he’s um. Lestat’s fledgling.
Armand: *gritted teeth* Of course he is. *reluctantly puts down flamethrower, takes deep breaths* Welp better get him in before he attracts the whole city. How is this my life i swear… *goes off muttering*

ooc; Ok but let’s talk about the fact that Armand lists everyone in their household as loving Antoine but Louis.

#exactly how it went down #ooc

^EXACTLY how it went down. Yep. 

# Armand having to deal with Lestats trash since 1780






I’m not satanic but these are some damn good rules.

satan does not support rape, animal cruelty, or child abuse

when walking in open territory, bother no one. if someone bothers you, ask them to stop. if they do not stop, destroy them.

*Today on I Didn’t Know I was a Satanist*

I agree with all of these rules…I’m really uncomfortable now

satan got his shit straight