BAMF! Louis is my friend , no I don’t really bug him we just sit together and talk about God and the Universe and that everythings connected. We joke and say we knew each other in a past life because we just clicked. So I guess I’m not really Lestat

[Anon refers to this post] Maybe you’re the good half of Lestat, when he’s on his best behavior and everything is all lovey-dovey, which lasts about 12 minutes at a time, lol. Or maybe it’s more like this:

[^X by @sfuffaboutcomics]

That sounds like a great friend, though! Always good to have someone as grounded as Louis who wants to talk about those things ;]

You know what would be funny to see? Lestat and Louis doing the 24 hour handcuff challenge. If you have never heard of that then just look it up on Youtube, it’s by Buzzfeed. Really funny!


#Fanart request. So many of our characters taking on the 24-hr handcuff challenge could be hilarious. They would need to use enchanted chains like the ones in MtD or else it would be too easy to break out ;]

(One of my fics has a similar concept, L/L “tied together” for a night: A Precious Material.)


Marius and Armand at Marriage Counseling for @laurasking

This was a fun commission, I love it when people give me a whole scene to work with! As you can see, they have a lot to work out between them…


So I have a question for you. In the book Merrick ( if you’ve read it, you probably have) Merrick Mayfair puts a love spell on Louis. Now if the VC vampires could engage in sex (P+V) do you think Merrick and Louis would of had sex?


[^ fanart by @liquorandptsdvarietyshow who deactivated, but I’m crediting them and I have permission to repost their art]

We don’t really know much about mortal!Louis’ sex life… in the movie he had been married, and the wife had died in childbirth, one would hope that was his kid, and then he was hanging around w/ whores when he was trying to get himself killed, but he barely even acknowledges that one whore’s presence, even though he has his arm around her to stabilize himself. My general impression of Louis is that of all the vampires, he’s one of the least sexually-motivated.

In IWTV, Louis tells Claudia re: sex: “ ‘It was something hurried,’ I said, trying now to meet her eyes. How perfectly, coldly blue they were. How earnest. ‘And… it was seldom savored… something acute that was quickly lost. I think that it was the pale shadow of killing.’ ”

We don’t know if he just said that to be make her feel better about the fact that she’ll never experience it but Louis usually tells the truth.

I don’t think Louis would have had sex w/ Merrick.

Spoiler alert.

So would Merrick and Louis have had sex? If Merrick wanted it she probably could have voodoo’d him into it, she voodoo’d him into breaking his moral principle to never make another vampire. Without bewitching him, I’d say no.

Yeah uh just because you use a spn doesnt mean it needs to be tagged spn

Thank you for this comment, bc I did some real percolating on it and I am happy to answer you.

I tagged it that way bc often I’ll see posts on my dash where someone has used a gif from a source, which hasn’t been tagged, and I’ll see tags or comments like, “Who is this hot guy?!” “Where is this from?!” which is so sad, bc they might really want to know and get into that fandom! So in tagging it #Supernatural, it’s actually free advertising BACK to Supernatural; someone might see my post on their dash, and think, “What is this from? Oh, it’s tagged Supernatural. Maybe I should check that show out, this guy looks like he could be a great actor…” And then you might gain awesome fresh blood in your fandom, who could turn out to be your new best friend (or even something more!, ppl meet the love of their life through fandom, I kinda hope to do so, too) ^_____^

I also enjoy the fact that other fandoms bleed into each other sometimes, bc fandom is an umbrella concept over so many of them (if not all). There are even crossover fanworks (fic, memes, etc.) between fandoms and different works of media, often enriching the experience of both. Especially when you have someone who can make really great meta-analysis comparing some aspect of one fandom to another, they might even make you ship smtg you never thought you’d ship.

As an example: One of our fandom ppl has moved onto the MCU!Avengers, but specifically the Steve Rogers/Tony Stark ship, and they convinced me that that ship has alot of similarity with Louis/Lestat. And now I can’t unsee it, and you could all lose me to Stony someday.


^Lestat/Louis meet Tony Stark/Steve Rogers, hilarity ensues. This is a fanwork that crossovers two different fandoms, and so much is conveyed without any dialogue at all, it’s all in the facial expressions and body positions and it gives me such feels whenever I look at it. Drawn by @americancaptaincomic

All that said, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has posted that gif with the #Supernatural tag. If you want a pure SPN tag, you can run your own blog and keep it as pure and clean as you like! And I don’t say that w/ any intended sassy attitude, it’s just a fact, and even though I wanted to keep my blog purely VC, I have found that embracing other fandoms is more inclusive and really does enrich the experience.

Lestat typically only wears 18th century clothing, sometimes 19th century clothing when he’s around the house, its what he’s most comfortable in. But he’s also lazy, so if he’s too tired or mopey or angsty he’ll be there sprawled across the coach bemoaning his poor, immortal fate, in nice black jeans and an old, worn-in band shirt. Sometimes, for a band other than his own.

Yep. And he looks great either way, of course. Here he is at a hipster party, wearing fake glasses and a vintage Satan’s Night Out shirt ^____^

[fanart by @americancaptaincomic]

08. Living the Dream with Robyn Kenealy


Who would like to listen to an hour of me being a pretentious drunk asshole? All of you? That’s what I thought, here you go. 

This is not VC, but WHATEVA WHATEVA I do what I want.

Notbutseriouslyy’all, this is the artist who convinced me that a really good comparison could be drawn between Tony Stark and Lestat de L., and now I can’t unsee it, so you should follow her and read her comic and also she is the beautiful mind & hand behind this fanart:

 ^Bonus points for Lestat having an opinion on a Twilight character.

08. Living the Dream with Robyn Kenealy