Something about her composure makes me wonder if she really did fall from Heaven.



mmkay, so I drew this like a year ago lightly based off this one post I made awhile back—obvi (or maybe not so obvi, not sure!), it’s cis-swapped Lestat and Louis featuring some crappy symbolism bc louis was no damn angel before lestat turned him, but still, it was what I was feeling at the time~ 

Also, the fic series recommended to me in that post (by anton-mordrid, called To Die as Lovers May) is very thoughtfully written, drama-filled as our vampires are known to be, and an engaging read, if it’s your cup of tea! Although, it does contain triggering content, so please proceed with caution and read the tags if you haven’t read it and would like to. I enjoyed it especially! I love seeing this trope be experimented with ❤

posting this because I found it rotting and forgotten in some sketch-box I have, and because I haven’t posted any art since inktober ended c:

Scenes from classic westerns featuring genderswapped gunslingers


In Re-Western, painted Felice House reimagines scenes from classic westerns with the likes of James Dean, Clint Eastwood and John Wayne replaced with women in the starring roles.

In addition to being superb paintings, House’s work is a provocation about “portraying women without objectifying them [as] an intentional and political act.” Pictured above: “Stasha Dean in ‘Giant,’ 2013. Oil on canvas, 90” x 60".“

Writing prompt 113! Armand & Lestat (*^^)


This was a challenge but ultimately cheered me up after a shitty evening. 😀 Thanks!!! 

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Armand could feel the extra energy as he came through the carriageway into the back garden. Not completely sure what it was, only that he could sense them moving in the flat, and there was something sweet and playful and innocent infused in it, thrumming beneath the presence itself. Lestat was home, he could feel that as well, and Louis. Their energies were different from each other, each palpable and distinct. Lestat felt bold and loud and vivid, Louis soft and sweet and comforting. Lestat was a popping champagne bottle, the splatter of paint on a Pollock canvas, a firework in the night sky. Louis was a gentle hand on your back, reassuring whisper in your ear, the slow and seductive pull of dawn.

I’m here, he told them as he ascended the stairs. He wondered if he should let himself inside, or knock, but instead put his hands in his pockets and waited.

But then Lestat’s face was in the window, his eyes glittery and excited, skin darkened by the recent trip to the sun. The door opened on its own, Lestat’s doing, and it was instantly obvious that he’d chosen to use his mind because his hands were full.

Before he could speak, Lestat extended one arm out, in his hand a single German Shepherd puppy. Three others wiggled against his chest and he cooed in French at them. “Here,” he said, and thrust the one into Armand’s chest. Armand grabbed it instinctively, somewhat bewildered but immediately charmed by the warmth and purity radiating from the creature. “I named this one Armand.”

The spike of anger and reflexive venomous response that usually came out in these moments were quelled by the gentle life in his hands, and he looked away from Lestat to stare at it. It was kicking its legs and squirming but he gave it a little scratch behind its ear to calm it down. It stopped moving and looked at him, eyes so shiny and black, and responded by licking his face. Armand ducked his head so that Lestat wouldn’t see his smile.

“Come inside, I want to close the door. Don’t let them out,” Lestat said, and backed away to make space.

He saw Louis then, when he cleared the doorway, still snuggling his namesake to his chest. Sitting cross-legged on the velvet couch, Mojo curled up beside him, a solid black puppy in his hands. He was scratching its ears and smiling at it and…

Strange ache in his chest, because he’d never seen that look on Louis’s face before.

“Where did all these puppies come from?” he asked. Louis looked up at him as if waking from a trance, like he’d been too absorbed to even notice Armand had arrived.

“Turns out Mojo is a lady,” Lestat said. He plopped down on the floor in the center of the room and took turns giving each puppy pats on their heads. They climbed on his legs and chewed on his shirt.

He held his puppy away from his face to inspect it again. It tilted its head at him and whined, and… strange ache again as he realized how unusual it was, and how he was straining to remember last time he’d held an animal this close. At home, in Kiev. They could never keep pets in Venice. He felt cold all over for a moment before pulling it to his chest again, feeling its warm little body settling against him and hearing the fluttery little heartbeat.

“What are you going to do with them?”

Lestat shrugged and picked one up, rubbing his face against its chubby, furry belly.

“Why don’t you give one to Daniel? Maybe you can win him back.”


[^ Inspo pic of Louis :D]

To Lestat: Guess what? I’ve worked for an entire year on a story about a lovely vampiress who falls for a beautiful young woman, and I was heavily inspired by you and Louis. Thanks for the inspiration!

♛I am so pleased, ma chère. True love knows no gender limitations. And we can always use more characters inspired by my relationship with Louis. I’m not revealing anything new when I say it’s no walk in the park but it’s absolutely worth fighting for. Constantly. For centuries! *tosses laptop aside and pounces on Louis for kisses*



^//ooc: Yes, Lestat recycled this answer, and you may be the same anon who said smtg similar before, but in the time since then, he has gotten a ton of fresh followers who haven’t seen this lovely response and even lovelier picture! So he is somewhat sorry to recycle, but it’s like a fancy jacket, why can’t he wear it again? *u*

Darling Lestat, I want you to know that I’m starting to realize that your relationship with Louis is one of the inspirations for the relationship between two lovely lady vampires I created. I believe I owe you a thank you.

♛I am so pleased,

ma chère. True love knows no gender limitations. And we can always use more characters inspired by my relationship with Louis. I’m not revealing anything new when I say it’s no walk in the park but it’s absolutely worth fighting for. Constantly. For centuries! *tosses laptop aside and pounces on Louis for kisses*