Not sure if you’re still taking requests but I don’t see Lestat and Armand drawn a lot! 😊 I’d love to see your take on them together.


I tooks this in a more comical, modern, fun direction🐏

I think they have a love-hate relationship and I’m really enjoying that idea, these relationships are always fun🌻


Lestat: You Give Love A Bad Name // Bon Jovi

Armand: Love Me Please Love Me // Michel Polnareff

(The English translation of the song in my art is quoted from this video)

♡InktoberVC day 15: Karaoke Night!

Lestat and Armand in a karaoke battle.

@theoneandonlylestat @wellijustfinnihedoneofthebooks Thanks for helping me to decide which one(Lestat or Armamd) I should draw. I drew them both!


Armand: The thing is… I have something big to tell you.

Lestat: You know you can say anything to me. We’ve known each other for years, and there is absolutely nothing that could dent our impenetrable bond.

Armand: I’m dating Louis.

Lestat: You’re dead to me.


Lestat, don’t patronize the tiny beast. 😦

I can’t remember why I started drawing this but now it’s gonna be the cover for a fanmix I may finish /wiggles out of commitment

Lestat/Armand was never a ship I thought about when I was younger idk but older me recognizes it as Good. 


fareed should make some long-lasting blood flavored gum like i bet lestat would love to pop it in the face of the trick asf bitch who tried telling him what to do

it would be like, silent in the court hall, and you just hear two ppl having a gum-smacking competition and it’s Armand and Lestat metaphorically having a dick waving contest—it’s just the most obnoxious thing ever

and Louis would take Lestat’s pack bc the noise bothers him when he’s trynna chill with a book or just think, but then he gets curious and tries one and realizes it staves off hunger pretty well (not that that bothers him much anymore, but still, it can be a long walk from the château to human-populated areas) and he takes up the habit too, except he doesn’t pop his gum bc he’s a gentleman

and Fareed, having contributed so much to these blood suckers, ends up financially balling and manages to overthrow Lestat’s monarchy bc Capitalism™.

what do you think are the vampire chronicles characters’s horoscope signs?

I’m sorry to say that I’m not knowledgeable re: horoscope signs… I can link you to a post where @luthiluthi sorted a lot of them, so check that out…


Canonically, we have Word of God from the author re: birthdays for 3 of them:

  • Lestat’s birthday is November 7, the birthday of Anne Rice’s late husband Stan (whom she partially modeled Lestat after).
  • Louis’ birthday is October 4, which is Anne’s birthday.
  • Claudia mentions her birthday in her diary (in QOTD) as being September 21, but she’s not sure if that’s really her birthday and her dads won’t explain it further (it’s probably the day she was turned, given the context of the diary entry). That’s Michele Rice’s birthday, Anne’s late daughter.

So that means (according to, idk if it’s authoritative):

  • Lestat’s a Scorpio – the most lusty/sexual sign, brave, passionate, stubborn, violent, jealous, secretive, resentful, manipulative ✓YEP
  • Louis is a Libra – the scales, justice, contemplative, Cooperative,diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded, social, Indecisive, avoids confrontations, will carry a grudge, self-pity ✓YEP
  • Claudia is a Virgo – a virgin, strong, practical, detail-oriented ✓YEP

There’s fanon that Armand’s birthday is Nov. 11 (@auburnandamberangel posted about it last yr, but I think it’s a fanon thing as well), and I like that it would be that close to Lestat’s on the calendar, another source of contention between them, that they’d share the same zodiac sign >;}


[^fanart by @garama]

Armand WOULD HATE following Lestat on the calendar, like, c’mon, Lestat would throw a HUGE BALL for himself (you KNOW he would), and then like 4 days later, Armand wants to have a big party… and everyone is like… ~Meh we just HAD one~… (They all went home already)(poor Armsy ;A;) 

So Louis suggests to Lestat that he share! And have a bday party for both of them in between, on like 11/9. And Lestat is all pouty like “WHY SHOULD I SHARE WHEN MINES FIRST?? 11/9 WILL BE TOO LATE FOR MINE”

^it’s a source of contention.

Anyone is welcome to add their thoughts, tho!





is there any fanart of Armand and Lestat in a get along shirt? cuz I think we should’ve some of that shit

hey so I’m not “in” the fandom but as a good friend of @monstersinthecosmos​ I give to you a really shitty photoshop cut-and-paste of this but I hope someone makes you some good fanart of this soon because the idea made me have a hearty chuckle.