Lestat D’ Lioncourt by BabyJenks00

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This is my version of Lestat from The Vampire Chronicles written by Anne Rice, I hope you like it…

I showed this picture to Anne Rice by facebook, she said it was “A tribute to the Brat Prince”

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Lestat! would you maybe give me some tips on how to make my hair really soft? Forever envious of your locks.

♛Merci, Armand. It is magnificent, isn’t it? It is genetic and unattainable. 


*laughs* ok, you’re probably not Armand. I don’t know what your hair type is, and I’m not a specialist in this. My hair is naturally easy to maintain and style. My only rule is to learn how to bleach your hair very carefully or leave it to the professionals, it tends to be harsh on mortal hair. Poor Tough Cookie bleached hers too powerfully and too many times and it all fell out! 



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Honestly, anyone in winter fashion is so immediately endearing. I love using pictures as desktops and phone backgrounds so image manips or fanart of this kind of theme would be excellent.

Well I hope this makes a good wallpaper! We’ve got the gang in winter gear circa post-QTOD, having a romp in the snow in Paris (or wherever!)… who’s responsible for crashing the boy’s sled is up for debate okay fine it’s Lestat, but to be fair, Daniel was probably messing with his concentration… Gabrielle is a much safer sled-driver, hence Louis rides with her ;D

They’re not sledding in daylight, there’s just really powerful lighting on the mountain. REALLY powerful.

  • Lestat – Martin Rolinski
  • Daniel – River Phoenix
  • Armand – Bjorn Andresen
  • Gabrielle – Michelle Pfeiffer
  • Louis – Brad Pitt

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Lestat, is it true you are the fairest of them all? (PS. Tell Louis I said hi.)

♛I am devastatingly attractive. I wouldn’t say “fairest of them all,” but it’s one of my many burdens to bear *sigh* Armand will never know the extent of this burden, being so much less attractive.


P.S. I am not your messenger boy, Louis does not need anonymous people randomly saying hi to him!!

Lestat, I think Martin Rolinski might actually be your own son lol (you probably heard that before). What do you think about his facial features? I find him very beautiful.

♛ It’s no secret that I sowed more than my share of wild oats by the time I was fifteen. He is a beautiful creature and you are not the first to make the comparison, Martin very well could be a de Lioncourt. I’ll need to visit him in person and inspect those facial features a little closer, just to be sure… And I try not to turn family members but I admit that my willpower on that policy is weak…


[^X This is Lestat, y’know]

Hey, have any of you vampires argued about the whole white and gold, blue and black dress thing?

Yes, in fact they did!



David: Sendhil Ramamurthy

Louis: Miles McMillan

Armand: Kirill Nikolini

Marius: fanart by @sheepskeleton 

Lestat: Martin Rolinski

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Rereading The Vampire Lestat and I recently discovered the glory that is actual Lestat Martin Rolinski. Cue these doodles.



“I’m The Vampire Lestat. Remember me? The vampire who became a super rock star, the one who wrote the autobiography? The one with the blond hair and the gray eyes, and the insatiable desire for visibility and fame? You remember.”

                                                         – Lestat (’Queen of the Damned’)