Little things Louis does that make your heart break (b/c they are so sweet)?


Ah, there are so many. Sometimes though, when he reads, he unconsciously twists a lock of raven hair around his finger and his face becomes perfectly animated with the emotion of whatever he is reading. Sometimes his lips move too, just a little as if he were whispering the words.

Oh and that look he gets on his face when I can just tell he wants comfort but is being too strong willed to take it. His nose wrinkles and gets all screwed up and his lips press together and his brows furrow and he just looks every bit the wounded animal. So precious.





“Pardon me, Sir, but do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Count Dracula?” ^_^

Man...Saint…err…Pope…I mean Prince Lestat will be peeved to see this.

What is it like to hunt with Lestat?


A wide smirk slipped onto her lips at his question as she brushed a golden curl behind her ear. “Like no other. There’s nothing better then a hunt with Lestat. We both enjoy the thrill and taste of blood and were we’re together it seems enhanced. And the more we drink the more we crave and the better things get.”