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What are some of your favorite Lestat facts and head canons? (Book and IWTV movie versions)

Are you the same Anon who asked me this a month ago? Why ask me when there are perfectly wonderful Lestat RPers who have full writeups about him, as well? I’ve listed them again at the end of this post.

I have alot of headcanons, and really, these are the seeds for fic/RPs. Headcanons come from canon, author interviews, and fanfic/RP. When they come from fanfic/RP, it’s ideas that fans have developed to answer the gaps left in canon, so they’re kind of preciously guarded until they are written into fic and released that way. 

Go to my headcanon accepted tag for headcanons of others that I’ve agreed with ;] but gdi you twisted my arm, so here’s a little peek into my own headcanons… in general strokes. I wouldn’t say favorites. Just ideas that are floating around, begging to be written as fic. They apply to book!Lestat more than movie!Lestat, I guess.

  • Lestat’s birthday is November 7. This is undisputed. He always acts like he couldn’t care less, but if nothing happens that night, he’s wildly offended and can sulk for weeks or more afterwards. So Louis has calendar reminders far in advance so he can arrange an appropriately decadent outing/event/gift of some kind.
  • What do you get the man who has everything and can do anything? Experiences. Everyone in Lestat’s inner circle try to set aside the norm in order to try to give him a unique thrill for his birthday. More often than not they just decide to give him what he wants in the bedroom 😉
  • Lestat knows the date that he was turned and does not celebrate it, but spends it in service to others somehow; being kept busy for that entire night is especially important. He does not like to be in France on that night. 
  • Lestat will lapse into paralysis when overcome with emotion, and Louis is the best at drawing him back out of it, with gentle touches and soothing words, or a little blood-dipped kiss, but even he usually just has to wait until Lestat resurfaces on his own. Sometimes Lestat is not himself if he’s “woken up” from it and it’s jarring to watch.
  • Lestat is a believer in Retail Therapy and has bought things immediately after or during an argument (even something as simple as a pair of shades at a gas station) in order to regain control of his emotions. It’s partly because he enjoys the whole exchange he has with the retail person.
  • Lestat had time to know his little sister, and mourned her loss, but didn’t write about it, ever, because it was too painful. She died young, she didn’t have enough hand-eye coordination developed yet to learn to hunt with him, but he wanted that for her so badly, and Gabrielle would have allowed it. 
  • Lestat has a recent foot fetish. About his own feet. He can spend hours in a CVS picking out nail colors and he paints his toenails himself. He has 3 shoeboxes full of colors and glitters. Louis dislikes the smell, so Lestat will do it in the courtyard and wait until dry before showing off his artwork. 
  • Lestat used to paint Claudia’s little fingernails. He did all sorts of girly activities with her, since it was difficult to find any children her age to befriend her.

Lestat RPers I’ve seen and enjoy watching (in no special order): askthebratprinceeternallyfabulousbratlestatmonsieur-le-rockstarmaestrolestatgorgeous-fiendprincelestatprimusduxasavagegardenindeedlestattheonetruepope, mortcharmant

I’m also tagging viaticumforthemarquise, who, as his mother, has her own headcanons about her son. 

And merciful-death, who, as his #1 bitch, has his own headcanons about his maker.



Because I can.

“I don’t find this amusing…." 

I was really just hoping for any and all vampire Lestat head canons you could have, book or IwtV movie?

Hmmm, still kind of too broad. I could write books on that subject, which would conflict w/ my day job.

You should go to the Lestat RPers. Some even have a page for headcanon stuff, like askthebratprince. Other Lestat RPers I’ve seen and enjoy watching (in no special order):

eternallyfabulousbratlestat, monsieur-le-rockstarmaestrolestat, gorgeous-fiend, princelestat, primusdux, asavagegardenindeed, lestattheonetruepope

I’ll try to share my own headcanon at some point, I’ll tag it as iwantmyiwtvheadcanon, so you can search that tag later. Really though, go for those RPers, they’ll satisfy you better than I can 😉 

Tale of the Body Thief: A Summary


Subtitle (compliments of merciful-death): lestat acts a fool and fucks everything up part 9001 – the novel


Lestat: I’m going to do the thing.
Louis and David: That is a terrible idea. Please don’t do the thing.
Lestat: Gonna do the thing, anyway!
Louis and David: You fucking imp.
Lestat: *does the thing* *chaos ensues* HELP ME.
Louis: You’re on your own this time. -_-
David: What did I tell you?! *helps him anyway*
Lestat: IloveyouDavid. ❤
*a little later*
David: *Enjoying being young again*
Lestat: *turns* YAY, NOW WE CAN BE BFFS ❤

#That’s exactly what happens consider yourselves all spoiled. 

To be fair, Lestat is actually full of WIN





what the person says : what you plan to do is horrible and will bring about nothing but pain and destruction

what lestat hears: you should totally just go for it

Forgive me for being the more optimistic one.

… sometimes what Lestat ends up doing is actually marvelous and brings about joy and love (along with the pain and destruction).

#we make fun of u bc we love u, bb ♥

In essence, you’re going to hate what I do and it might hurt/destroy a bit (a lot – borderline end of the world), but you’re going to be happy about it.

#I have a tumblrcrush on this Lestat RPer #Yes #This person is perf