Fan Made Painting of River as Lestat

“When it came to casting the role of the Vampire Lestat in the much anticipated screen adaptation of Anne Rice’s best seller Interview with the Vampire, River Phoenix was the author’s first choice. She felt that Phoenix, with his mysteriously haunted yet fragile quality was perfect to play the Vampire and fought for him to get the part. It was the first big-budget Hollywood movie for Irish Neil Jordan. Jordan was at the mercy of the studio, who wanted proven box-office star Tom Cruise for the starring role. They agreed to give Phoenix the lesser role of Malloy, the narrator, as a consolation prize. Rice was furious when Cruise was cast and went public to complain about his being the wrong choice”

Lost in Hollywood: The Fast Times and Short Life of River Phoenix (1995)

Re: Armand/lestat ff. Definitely most like the 1st with lots of sex(ual tension) and much angst. I’m gonna go ahead and say that the A/L tag on ao3 is SEVERELY LACKING PEOPLE. I would write fanfic (lol I’m typing this in creative writing class) but I’m too lazy, it would likely suck, and I’m not very confident in my smut writing abilities. I’ve read a few 10/10 ones on there though and some really good Armand/Daniel fics (shoutout to monstersinthecosmos, I’ve read a lot of hers) I need more ff!!

I feel ya! We need more Lestat/Armand fanfic and fanart! #FANFIC REQUEST #FANART REQUEST. With and without lots of sex(ual tension) and all amounts of angst and fluff <333 and yes, @monstersinthecosmos is one of my fave fanfic writers, too. 

BTW, I have one short Lestat/Armand fic on AO3… *scoots this link in…* since you’re thirsty for A/L…

A Brief Reprieve  After the events of Prince Lestat, Lestat reflects on certain aspects of his new spirit animal, snuggled up lovingly with Armand by a fire in winter. Slightly AU in that they are snuggled up together lovingly by a fire in winter!


[^Here’s a fanart of A/L for you, source unknown, even reverse-image searched. Tell me the source if you know it!]

Anon, hey, if you’re in creative writing class, then you’re learning, you’re starting out *u* You could be a writer of 10/10 A/L ff yourself someday. The laziness you feel might be more of a fear of failure; I recognize that’s what laziness is for me when I have a mountain of fanworks I intend to do and I’d just rather… y’know… rewatch an episode of the Walking Dead.

ANYWAY Lestat and Armand have referred to eachother in canon as being brothers of a sort, so I tag them #murder brothers, if you want more Lestat/Armand action in my blargh. 

Writing can suck at any time: whether you’re just starting out or even when you’re a published author, but there can also be good stuff nestled in among the suck, and like I was often told about drawing, you have to get a ton of bad drawings out before you can get to the good ones. With writing, it’s plot bunnies you want, and good turns of phrase, good dialogue… Then you have to nurture your plot bunnies, and encourage them to multiply by spending time and effort feeding them or talking about them with others. It’s also like exercise, at least for me. It’s a habit/muscle that needs training and attention. It’s been enormously helpful for me to have @wicked-felina as a collaborator, bc we do push eachother to be productive ❤ Your class is probably doing that! 

I personally feel like everyone can write, whether you write superficial or deep topics or anything in between, it’s all wanted in fandom. We just had a post going around about VC characters playing Dungeons & Dragons (an anon asked @monstersinthecosmos about that and others jumped in, so yes, that’s pretty superficial, but it’s still something the fandom wants to speculate about! Who knows, a fanfic about that could lead to the exploration of deeper issues. 

More on writing under the cut, cut for length.

For me, writing is about 1 or more of these basic setups, sometimes combined and interwoven:

  • (a) presenting a problem and exploring it, 
  • (a) presenting a problem,

    exploring it, and (b) offering a solution, 

  • (a) presenting a problem, exploring it,


    offering what the author feels is a BAD solution and © showing the consequences of that bad solution.

QOTD could fall into the third one: “The Queen of the Damned, Akasha, notices over the years that (a) there is a ton of war on earth, and she has concluded that it’s due entirely to men, so (b) she decides the solution is to kill off 90% of the men, and she starts doing that and © the other vampires try to talk her out of it, bc it’s ludicrous, and so forth and so on.”

^Now there are alot more things going on than that in that book, lots of interwoven issues that are and are not affected by this main plot. 

With writing, at least for me, I like to ask What would Louis/Lestat/etc. think about X situation, place, etc.? Even something as superficial as dessert. Would Armand be jealous that he didn’t get to try some of the really fancy desserts that we have these days like water cake? Would he buy them and prod at them anyway? Would he read food reviews just to try to experience this stuff or not care at all? And so much the better if it DOES lead to something at least a little deeper like Yes, that’s why he made mortal!Daniel try everything on a menu and describe it in detail, he was living vicariously through Daniel. Writing can let you explore superficial and deeper topics. 

As far as the smut, I feel you on that, I haven’t written much in that category either. I’ve read some amazing smut so my bar for that is set very high (and I have alot of pet peeves about the writing of it), but someday I’ll conquer that, too. The thing with smut is, is there a point? Is it PWP (”porn w/o plot” or “plot, what plot?”)? Or is it the consensual culmination of a slow burn of like 10k words? Is it a power struggle (Like with that kind of sexual scene between Lestat and Armand in TVL when Armand bites Lestat w/o asking first)? Is it the story of someone’s first time and the awkwardness that might surround that? So smut can be considered a topic like any other, and can be explored like any other. 

Anon, don’t be so hard on yourself, start slow, dip your toe in, look at fic you love and try to figure out what makes it so good for you! Don’t be afraid to fail. 

I’m the same anon that had asked to see marius/armand’s ship kids and omg….. these new ones…. I’ve always kinda secretly shipped armand and lestat, am I the only one here? I’m not really sure why but I just do. (Tbh I basically ship everyone with everyone in the series lol. I cannot choose one ship over the other. Honestly, everybody in VC gets around anyway.)

Those #ship kids are SO cute. Tell @superhiki directly how much you love them!

You are not alone, there are others out there. People: Comment/Reblog if you ship Lestat/Armand *u* It’s an AU ship for me, I can ship almost anything AU.

They have a bizarre kind of chemistry, don’t they?! If they weren’t both so obsessed with being alpha, they could really enjoy each other. 

This is one of the only fanarts I’ve seen of them in any kind of shippiness, and even then, I think it’s the scene in TVL where Lestat is succumbing to Armand’s illusions. 

“You know it was the damnedest luck!” I whispered suddenly. “I am an unwilling devil. I cry like some vagrant child. I want to go home.”


[Source unknown, even reverse-image searched. Tell me the source if you know it!]

Anyhow they have referred to eachother in canon as being brothers of a sort, so I tag them #murder brothers, if you want more Lestat/Armand action. 

hi sweetheart! hey, can you pls make a post with a link of your tags? I can’t find somethings on the blog that previously where there T.T thank you <3 <3

Omg, *facepalm* I knew this would come up at some point…


That is part of my blog layout revisions. There’s gonna be a BEAUTIFUL Navigation/Tags page, categorized by topic, w/ all the most popular tags bc as you may know I tend to add further commentary in the tags that probably wouldn’t be very useful in finding what you’re looking for.

What are you looking for? Then I can try to give you the tag(s) for it! You can also message me privately, if you prefer.


So I just nominated Louis in the FFA Woobie-Off. After some deliberation I nominated movie!Louis rather than book!Louis, because Brad Pitt’s tragic face clinched it, and also he just seems so much more passive in the movie. We must hope for him to beat all the other woobies: