I did! It was fun. They are looking at me as if I’m insane. (I sent them that gif.)

Well at least YOU liked it! 

Look I make no apologies for our fandom or its canon or our fanworks content, ok?! We love it in our own special way, really, Claudia twerking is one of the lesser of the weird things we have lol. 


Idk how old you are, so it may be more of an issue for you than for me, but I do get you re: wanting to share your interests with your parents. I tried to get my parents to read VC, they listened to the first 2 audiobooks in the series and were not into it *shrugs* They didn’t judge it either, tho, thankfully. 

Working on getting an A03 account. I’ll be in touch whenever I get invited.


^I could get in trouble for this but c’mon lookit this dork. He is on a stripper pole but not stripping or using it properly like at all, HE IS FULLY CLOTHED where it matters and

so like, cut me some slack ppl. Me and Stacee, has-been rockstars, need to go lie down and have some tea like the old ppl we are.



Because he’s worth it.

Bonsoir belle Burnadette, I saw the movie “Rock of Ages” for the first time and my one and only thought was as Tom performed “Pour some sugar on me”: YES! If he had his blonde Lestat wig, then he would be a perfect Lestat on his Rock-Concert!” Am I the only one who think that Tom Cruise still would rock as Lestat for other movies? Unfortunately he is to old to play Lestat … By the way, the poledance scene was great too! I think Lestat would do this for Louis >D Preview of this on my page ~

Bonsoir lovely ppl! Your cosplays are FAB-U-LOUS.

Re: *~Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages = Mortal Brunette Tattooed Lestat AU~* of course I agree w/ u completely. When the trailers came out you could have almost heard the collective squeeing of most of the VC fandom. 


[fanart by LilithMF]

His singing was actually quite good, according to IMDB he rehearsed for five hours every day to get his voice ready for his rock performances. IMDB doesn’t say so but I think he actually did get to meet with rock stars and learn from the best re: stage presence. I think he nailed it!


More than just the look, the stage presence, the singing, and the dancing, which is already alot! was the depth that Tom brought to the role. He’s an aging rockstar, but dissatisfied with everything that money can buy. He has all this cheap affection thrown at him and he goes through the motions with his groupies but he lacks any real connections with anyone. He’s only really alive on stage. Somewhat dead inside and he knows it, so he drinks to try to kill those feelings (very Louis-esque).


Jaxx is totally self-aware under the performance, performing all the time. Ppl expect him to be bad, so he acts like it. He’s still there inside the shell, though. It’s all very Lestatuesque and the reason I didn’t add it to my recent VC-Adjacent movie & book rec list is bc I limited myself to non-TC movies as a challenge and he’s gonna have his own list here when I get around to it!


He definitely poledances for Louis like c’mon. #headcanon accepted.


^And he sometimes pretends to be very bad at it at first but he’s actually extraordinary and has his audience drooling whenever he wants!

Tom may be too old to play Lestat again physically but he can still be hired as the Lestatuesque coach, which was sorely needed in movie!QOTD. Could have vastly improved that movie. OR he could play the Marquis de Lioncourt, Lestat’s father!

… or he could do the voice in an animated adaptation you can pry that wish from my cold dead hands.

…More Stacee Jaxx in #mortal brunette tattooed Lestat AU*

(*which I also tagged as such but not consistently so just look at #stacee jaxx)

–> Also, I found a Stacee Jaxx RPer and they have alot of good stuff in their archive, check them out: @rocksloneliestcowboy