(a drabble written as a gift for @i-want-my-iwtv on their birthday. Takes place at the end of TVL)

“That costume is nothing short of ridiculous.” 

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Thank u so much @devilsfool​! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! 


…Now, to see what this costume looks like, I’m placing a #FANART REQUEST out there…

I wore my Lestat shirt, leather jacket, and blasted the songs from your musical every second I could! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I hope you get everything you want and more… Although, I’m sure your content with the company you keep. I wish you only the best, love ya

♛As well you should have! That’s an appropriate uniform for my birthday, indeed *grins* Many thanks for your lovely message. 

That musical has some good music, but my own music is better, and I really must get back to the studio and record some fresh tunes for my adoring fans…


Hey Lestat, just curious… the song Sahara, by Nightwish. Any chance it’s actually one of yours? Because I stg it sounds so much like it’s about Marius and Akasha that it gives me chills, and I can’t help but laugh at the thought that maybe you let Nightwish record it so that you could sneak one more song past the rest of the coven. ;P

♛It is a good song and good ear, anonymous person! I won’t confirm or deny *smiles* That’s one of my little secrets… I do collaborate with musicians, but under pseudonyms. If they knew they were working with the famous Rock Superstar Vampire Lestat, they might hold back creatively, or get all overly obsequious, or both, and I wouldn’t want that. So stifling.

The coven does not, generally, support my original musical compositions, probably because they are envious of my incredible talent with it. Especially with lyrics. 


That’s their loss. I don’t bring them along to the recording studio anymore. 

I mean sure, they’ll ask me to play Chopin or Haydn or whatever at gatherings, they know I can’t refuse. So I’ll throw in some improvisation until they catch on and beg me to go back to the music as written. 


⭐Monsieur le Rockstar⭐
I just want to be happy because the movie project finally seems more tangible that all previous rumors!! we may actually get another movie after 14 years!!
It is also unlikely it will met ALL fans’ expectations, we already have a wonderful adaptation after all, so let’s just hope for the best 💕💕
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monsieur le ROCKSTAR: a rock n’ roll playlist for our brat prince  ♛

❝ I was enchanted by the world of rock music – the way the singers could scream of good and evil, proclaim themselves angels or devils, and mortals would stand up and cheer. Sometimes they seemed the pure embodiment of madness.❞

1. anthem for the young and reckless by santa cruz 
2. it’s so easy by guns n’ roses
3. so alive by crashdïet 
4. shout at the devil by mötley crüe
5. nothin’ but a good time by poison
6. nightrain by guns n’ roses
7. wanted dead or alive by tom cruise and julianne hough
8. cum on feel the noize by quiet riot