I’m working on an actual comic about Chapter 2 because it was amazing and I died. This is some stupidity that didn’t fit in it.

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Ok, I’ll say it, low key felt this way a little bit when I found out you had already seen my IwtV/VC rage comic before I found your blog. >>; Many warms, much fuzzies.

Oh gosh, that’s so sweet! I love your fanart, and this is a great excuse to repost it, it is a fandom classic ❤ I saw it before I HAD a tumblr, it was saved in my own collection, and it’s this sense of humor that inspired me to start a tumblr at all! *hugs* 


I loved the new chapter, but ahhh, why can’t all my babies just get along??? Lol. I can almost imagine the four of them going on a double date. Sounds like the definition of disaster.

Thank you! omg! @wicked-felina lookit this! Ppl are loving our dysfunctional vampire AU babies! Double date you say? What an idea…. Yeah there’d probably be a foodfight, at the very least.


ANYWAY the next chapter is ready early and I have permission to post it so UP IT GOES… 

We are talking about Signature Blend, our coffee shop AU, in case I haven’t spammed you enough about it….

//Hhmmm… Headcanons on personality? Like I like to think that she’s not as cold, reptilian and shallow like some characters like to describe her like. Also I like to headcanon that her prey will typically be men that abuse women, so any prey/hunting headcanons? OH and who do you ship her with if anyone?


[^X actual footage of how this scene went down]

Gabrielle de Lioncourt headcanons….

So as always, #your headcanon may vary but these are my headcanons… 

Personality: She is perceived by other characters as cold and reptilian bc for the most part she refuses to go through the motions of civilized discussion, it all feels superficial to her. In not engaging that way, other characters might struggle to get to know her, but few would call her “shallow.” They know she doesn’t perform for anyone. She absolutely CAN be warm and effusive and physically affectionate when the stars align when she wants to be. She’ll crack a smile at coven gatherings! She has a sense of humor and often makes a beeline for Daniel, he always has a fresh joke ready for her. She is actually more intimidating than Lestat, and few can withstand her undivided attention for very long. 

I headcanon that her Mind Gift was very strong as a fledgling, and rather than try to tune out all the mental radio waves bombarding her, escaping into untamed nature w/out anyone in it was the obvious solution. The cold never bothered her anyway. 

Prey: We would love to project onto her the image of an avenging angel like her son, specifically targeting men that resembled her husband, but in the end she tolerated him, she didn’t have the urge to go back to the Auvergne to get sweet vengeance on him. She felt like Lestat was wasting his time to go back and take care of his decrepit old father, but she didn’t have any moral objections to it.

Hit the jump for more, cut for length.

Since Gabrielle spends most of her time in the wilderness, I headcanon that she’s more interested in hunting large wild animals than people. She may come upon lost tribes, too, but in those situations I imagine she just takes the weak or elderly to put them out of their misery, but never children. Gabrielle is probably one of the only vampires in the coven who has never killed a child. 

When she is in a more civilized place (like when she’s visiting the coven), I headcanon that she’s more of a Louis-style vampire; taking those who cross her path, more bc she just wants to get it over with than any other reason (Lestat finds this distasteful in her case bc she should know better!, but completely reasonable for Louis). Gabrielle does not enjoy toying with human prey but she loves a fight with a grizzly or a panther.

Shipping: You asked me this awhile back, and I think that answer still stands. As AU, sure, #ship all the ships!, but in my headcanon I don’t really ship Gabrielle with anyone. If I was forced to choose…

Gabrielle/Eleni would be my primary ship for her bc I think their personalities would mesh well, Eleni has a well of inner peace, really, the patience of a saint, so she wouldn’t be possessive of Gabrielle. Neither would be too demanding on each other, but they would be drawn together based on similar interests at first (SCIENCE) and find each other disarming and sweet and the love would be natural. 

There’s no denying there is something intriguing about the Gabrielle/Lestat ship, and I don’t see it as completely taboo bc after she’s turned, she’s his fledgling, which (for me anyway) effectively

cancels out the fact that she was his biological mother. They will always be drawn to each other bc noone else is truly like they are, they learned how to vampire together, and relied on each other in those early years. I see it as 95% psychological and 5% bloodplay (she taught him his first bloodkiss!) and does not involve any penetrative sex. NONE AT ALL. But we can still tease him about his Oedipus complex ;]

//Also because I’m trash I ship Gabrielle too with Jessie both seem to run on instinct, sense of adventure and wonderlust. Also with Marius both trying to find and hold onto beauty. Maybe with David too because of their shared love for the wild. Maybe Gabrielle would be good with Pandora too?

I’ll ship just about anything AU ;D

Gabrielle/David – Regardless of potential compatibility Lestat would have an opinion on this:

“DAVID’S MY BAE MOM!!!” *huffs*


Gabrielle/Jesse – yes. 

Gabrielle/Marius – I think she’d have the same issue w/ him that she had w/ Lestat; Marius is a man of civilization. He builds a big sumptuous nest wherever he lives, w/ all the amenities. She might visit but she’d never stay. Marius holds onto beauty, Gabrielle wants to experience it and search for more. Intellectually they probably would argue all the time, like Marius did w/ Pandora, bc Marius thinks he knows everything about everything but he’s not as “with it” as Pandora and Gabrielle are.

Gabrielle/Pandora – Maybeeee… but Pandora had some serious issues, re: confidence. I don’t remember how or when that was resolved, but she was very dependent on Arjun, in a way that I doubt Gabrielle would tolerate, even in brief moments.

Gimme Gabrielle/Eleni ❤ bc of reasons.

so it’s 2016 when tf are we getting some VC adaptations, why are we the only fandom we dont get any tv shows or movies thats crazy shit right there



But actually I would rather wait patiently than rush anyone in charge and possibly get a worse adaptation than QOTD.

Technically, I think the most recent VC adaptation we got was Claudia’s Story, (2012) by Ashley Marie Witter (deviantart here), which was gorgeously illustrated and very well-written. It’s IWTV from Claudia’s POV. I got myself a copy. 10/10 Highly recommend. 


Check my #VC news tag, in which we’ve been taunted with VC adaptation news occasionally. 

If anyone knows anything on this subject, please tag me or send it to me so I can share! Include a link or screencap tho, so it’s more legit ;]

It seems we are getting an Anne Rice film adaptation as early as March 2016! Unfortunately, it’s based on Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt and the film has been renamed to The Young Messiah. At least something is better than nothing.

*~“You’re Welcome”~*


Okay thanks but like….




Has this been done yet or-? Lestat’s VMA awards speech.

you could say lestat was really on fire that night

(Lestat is very sensitive about the being-set-on-fire topic…)