due to lingering financial difficulties and the instability of my current job, i’m going to try doing these quick commissions for $20 each–any couple, usually bust up, no background. additional characters are an additional $5, and if you want to add a background or make it full body, it will be an extra $10 (so 2 people + full body + background will be $40 total). payments are through paypal, and if you want me to mail you the original (within US only) it will be an extra $10. all my drawings are done on 5.5′’x8′’ paper, unless you’d like it 8′’x10′’ or larger, which is an additional cost. please email lisaisnotscared @ if you’re interested!

i’d like to add on that i do single character drawings, also! just tell me what you want and we can discuss the price.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

*~ Open call to all fandoms ~*

Draw my your favorite characters doing the Ice bucket challenge!! Can be just 1 image, or a comic, or doodles… anything works! Donate to ALS too, if you can.

Show us the ICEBUCKETRY…. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Kicking this off w/ some of my fave fanartists, feel free to add your own:

unionthesalmon, permanentglitter, reapersun, florbe-triz, cloudsinveniceliquorandptsdvarietyshow, brb-being-brazilian, devmin, hrim, sheepskeleton, foreordain, mortcharmant, dogmaticcrescendo, chrissydeath, derlainethacmis, zeeewa, remcovanstraten, tohdaryl, lestattheonetruepope