Hi every one :’B have you ever taught about the similar story between Marius/Armand, and Leonardo Davinci /Salai. Both painters, both armand and salai have a similar behavior… “Salai” means devil… and Armand is… well you how lovely he is <3 I think, maybe… Anne took this like and example to write the story … Anyone who shares this?

I don’t know the story of Leonardo Davinci /Salai! It’s possible AR was inspired by it, I haven’t seen her mention Salai… Did they do this kind of cute stuff?


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Btw ik he’s not in the fic but I meant Armand was a little bitch just because of the whole Nicki thing. And I agree with you that Nicki was mentally ill but Armand probably didn’t help him at all my torturing him. And I freaking loved Nicki, I cried when he died. If Armand hadn’t have done that, would Nicki had lived on? Maybe not, but still.

Ah, okay. Nicolas had a rough time in canon, sadly ;A; 


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“Armand was a little bitch just because of the whole Nicki thing.” – Armand may have been trying to help Nicki in the ways he knew how. Armand had been a coven master for hundreds of years, dealt with madness from many ages of vampires, maybe this was something that helped in other cases. It could be seen as cruel from our mortal standards, but maybe that was considered a reasonable form of treatment for vampires. 

We only have the account of Nicolas and Armand’s interactions in Eleni’s letters and very little is said. No one ever brings it up again (unless they do in PLROA, which I still haven’t finished), and since we only have the one account, I can’t jump to the conclusion that Armand was definitely torturing Nicki. He can be cruel, but Lestat asked him to take good care of Nicki, and I feel like Armand tried to do the right thing.

“And I agree with you that Nicki was mentally ill” – Some ppl headcanon that he was, and I don’t know what I think about that, but again, maybe Armand was trying to treat the illness and save Nicki! 

“And I freaking loved Nicki, I cried when he died. If Armand hadn’t have done that, would Nicki had lived on? Maybe not, but still.” – If we go by my theory that Armand was trying to help him, maybe Armand’s treatment prolonged Nicki’s life. We just don’t know.

If Armand was really torturing Nicki, I think we would have found out more about it in TVA, or some other book, or Lestat would have confronted Armand about it. 

But whether Armand really antagonized Nicolas to his death or not, Nicolas had enough reason on his own to end badly even before Armand got involved… as Nicolas tells Lestat, it was his intention all along to fail:

“All a misunderstanding, my love, ” he said. Acid on the tongue.
The blood sweat had broken out again, and his eyes glistened as if they
were wet. “It was to hurt others, don’t you see, the violin playing, to
anger them, to secure for me an island where they could not rule.
They would watch my ruin, unable to do anything about it.” I didn’t
answer. I wanted him to go on.

“And when we decided to go to Paris, I thought we would starve in
Paris, that we would go down and down and down. It was what I
rather than what they wanted, that I, the favored son, should
rise for them. I thought we would go down! We were supposed to go

Perhaps becoming a vampire was not the cure for that intention/feeling/illness, and it just magnified the self-destruction he already felt ;A;



i don’t put enough characters in cable knits i need to start doing that



VC draws (no armand this time what is this madness)

bonus cookie if you can guess who they are without checking the captions -3-

I’m not that anon from before but do you have any other Vc artist Tumblrs you know? I’m new to the fandom slightly and I’m not familiar with people on Tumblr. and I just adore your work! thanks for sharing it with us mwah :*


Hello there, another anon! 😉 Right off the bat, check out @remarried, she is hella awesome ❤ garama used to make cool VC art but he doesn’t anymore and deleted most of his old stuff but check out his blog anyway and @i-want-my-iwtv (aside from having an awesome VC blog herself!) has a nice collection of his works. @ashetray did some hella rad VC fanarts, so did @devmin-art. But I reccommend going into @i-want-my-iwtv‘s fanart tag, you will surely find something to enjoy 😉 

I probably forgot some people and I’m going to feel super bad in 3… 2… 1…

*appears in a magical sparkly cloud poof* DID SOMEONE SUMMON MOI?

Yes, @sheepskeleton is among those she mentioned as great fanartists in our fandom! We do have a bunch more active ones, but there is definitely some gold (older works or works by artists who have only done a small number of VC pieces) in my #fanart tag. All of our fanartists are awesome and some are even open to suggestion, if you send them an ask with a good prompt.

Some other VC fanartists that come to mind in addition to those already mentioned above, in no particular order:

@anaryawe, @jealizing, @kotilae, @n2015n, @amadeo-child-of-the-renaissance, @chrissydeath, @hedonistbyheart (more from this person on their deviantart page), @garama does spoil us by posting VC occasionally so I must keep them in this list, @obsessional-ram

Then there are a few I would recommend bc altho they do not post as often, they are definitely worth checking out (please do NOT take it personally if I didn’t mention you here, these are just the names that immediately come to mind):

@unionthesalmon@vladrodriguez, @i-see-light, @muirin007, @florbe-triz (formerly “florbe91”) has some older stuff on her deviantart page worth your time 😉

I, personally, also draw and will hopefully be animating more, with the right amount of time and motivation…

I’m trying to prove that classical music isn’t boring. Can you give me facts that show how hardcore classical music, musicians, and composers are (like the 1812 overture canons or the riot of spring)?



I’d love to have a more in-depth discussion of this sometime, but here’s a few facts off the top of my head

  • Mozart used to stay out all night partying and getting laid and then he’d sleep until noon and his long-suffering jerk of a father had to drag him out of bed to practice
  • He also wrote the overture for the opera Don Giovanni the morning it premiered, while extremely hungover
  • The interval between a perfect 4th and a perfect 5th (a tritone) was called “the devil’s interval”, and for centuries composers avoided it at all costs because it was believed to cause madness, violence, and sexual desire
  • Franz Liszt played so intensely that he physically destroyed pianos and they had to invent a stronger one (which is the model still used today)
  • Another thing about Liszt: women used to throw their underwear at him while he was performing. He was the first one-man boy band.
  • At the premiere of The Rite of Spring the audience was so alarmed by the dissonance and non-traditional style that they left their seats to storm out or beat each other up in the aisles
  • Many symphonies use non-traditional percussion like canons or massive wooden mallets, modern classical composers like John Cage like to stick things in piano strings
  • Shostakovich was the most hardcore composer (though I’m biased because he’s my fave). He barely escaped being exiled or killed by Stalin while continuing to write music containing forbidden folk melodies or thunderous movements depicting the dictator himself.
  • Paganini had no teeth and apparently looked like the devil

If folks have other facts I’d love to hear them!

  • J.S. Bach straight up lost one of his first jobs because he got in a sword fight with one of his students. He was 20. His student was 23. Apparently he called the student a “nanny-goat bassoonist”.
  • There is an opera about a magical ring that gives the wearer the power to rule the world. Through all the carnage for ownership of the ring, ALL the gods die, and Valhalla is destroyed. The opera is known as “The Ring Cycle” by Richard Wagner, and it is 15 hours long.
  • Oh and another thing about Liszt, he used to wear gloves and then throw them dramatically into the audience (of what I can only imagine as screaming teenage girls) before he performed.
  • Mozart wrote a piece called “"Leck mich im Arsch“, or “Lick Me in the Arse.”
  • Before batons was used for conducting, they used “pointed staffs” that would beat the tempo against the ground. Jean-Baptiste Lully stabbed himself through the foot with it, and therefore died from gangrene from the wound.
  • There is an aria in Lucia di Lammermoor in which the soprano has gone completely mad and has stabbed her husband to death. She sings with an accompanying flute (a bird that she’s hearing in her head), while in her wedding dress – covered in blood.
  • In Berlioz’s Symphony Fantastique, movement IV – “The March to the Scaffold”, the music depicts a young man’s march to the guillotine. You can hear the moment his head is cut off and bounces down the stairs.

I could probably go on forever. Classical music is fascinating!



Sometimes I draw with a real life pen and paper

The night was rolling to an end. The paparazzi had retreated to their coffins and lairs. I told David he could keep my suite at the hotel as long as he liked, and I had to head home soon.

But not quite yet. We’d been walking in the Grand Couvert of the Tuileries—in tree-shrouded darkness. “I’m thirsting,” I said aloud. At once he suggested where we might hunt.

“No, for your blood,” I said, pushing him backwards against the slender but firm trunk of a tree.

“You damnable brat,” he seethed.

“Oh, yes, despise me, please,” I said as I closed in. I pushed his face to one side, kissing his throat first, and then sinking my fangs very slowly, my tongue ready for those first radiant drops. I think I heard him say the single word, “Caution,” but once the blood struck the roof of my mouth, I wasn’t hearing clearly or seeing clearly and didn’t care.

I had to force myself to pull back. I held a mouthful of blood as long as I could until it seemed to be absorbed without my swallowing, and I let those last ripples of warmth pass through my fingers and toes.

“And you?” I asked. He was slumped there against the tree, obviously dizzy. I went to take him in my arms.

“Get away from me,” he growled. And started off walking, fast away from me. “Stick your filthy droit du seigneur right through your greedy heart.”

But I caught up with him and he didn’t resist when I put my arm around him and we walked on together like that.

“Now, that’s an idea,” I said, kissing him quickly though he stared forward and continued to ignore me. “If I was ‘King of the Vampires,’ I’d make it the right of every maker to drink from his fledgling anytime he chose. Maybe it would be good to be king. Didn’t Mel Brooks say, ‘It’s good to be the king’?”

And then in his droll cultured British voice he said with uncharacteristic brashness, “Kindly shut up.”


I had turned to leave him when he took hold of me. His teeth went into the artery before I could think what was happening, and his arms went tight around my chest.

His pull was so strong that I swooned. Seems I turned and put my arms around him, catching his head in my left hand, and struggled with him, but the visions had opened up, and I didn’t know one realm from the other for a moment, and the manicured paths and trees of the Tuileries had become the Savage Garden of all the world. I’d fallen into a divine surrender, with his heart pounding against my heart. There was no restraint in him, no caution such as I’d shown in feeding on him.

I came to myself on the ground, my back to the trunk of a young chestnut tree, and he was gone. And the mild balmy night had turned to a gray winter dawn.

Home I went—to my “undisclosed location,” only minutes away on the currents of the wind, to ponder what I’d learned from my friends because I couldn’t do anything else.

The next night on rising, I caught the scent of David on my jacket, even on my hands.

– Best part of Prince Lestat. Unf unf hot DAMN. (via birdisland)