Hey, fandom in/around Belfast! Want to see Interview with the Vampire on the big screen for its 20th anniversary? Want to see it introduced by Neil Jordan himself? It’s happening!

I’m so excited for this because remcovanstraten and I approached the Strand Arts Centre with the idea and they jumped at it – now we’re hoping to get the word out to as many fans as possible, so if you can share this we’d really appreciate it. 

I don’t know many VC fans locally, but I bet there’s more of us lurking in the shadows –  if this sounds like a great night out to you, all the info you’ll need is here:

And if you fancy donning your cosplay finery, so much the better!

I AM TEH JEALOUS omg… bumping this because I wish I could go!!! If anyone out there can go to this thing, DO IT! And report back to moi *u*

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

*~ Open call to all fandoms ~*

Draw my your favorite characters doing the Ice bucket challenge!! Can be just 1 image, or a comic, or doodles… anything works! Donate to ALS too, if you can.

Show us the ICEBUCKETRY…. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Kicking this off w/ some of my fave fanartists, feel free to add your own:

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This makes me so happy :’D

Marius is groaning about the idea of a Lestat vampire finishing school.

Omg. Making me think of “Murder 101” by the Wallflowers…


i bet it’s about raising your pinky finger when you drink blood

Lestatiquette new word coined by remcovanstraten, along with these sample chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Hygiene: Brush Your Fangs After Drinking from Rats, Because HONESTLY Louis, Gross!
  • Chapter 3: Hell’s Bells: How to Extract Yourself from All Night Parties when the Sun’s About to Rise!
  • Chapter 10: Love and the Vampire: Your Coffin or Mine?

The vampire for me is a metaphor for the outsider, the outcast, the predator in all of us —- the lonely one, the heart and soul that feels immortal even when it knows that we all die. Vampire characters help me to talk about reality. They always have. When I’m with Lestat, and Armand and Louis, and Gabrielle, I’m in the real world. All colors blaze bright and music soars to Heaven and I’m not lonely for a while, I’m safe. And that’s why I write about them and through them and with them.

– Anne Rice

(via the-vampire-chronicles)

When she writes things like this I can’t help but love her somewhat (despite all the reasons not to), because when I/we read the VC, all colors blaze bright and music soars to Heaven and I’m not lonely for a while, I’m safe. And that’s why I read about them and through them and with them.

You know what I mean? She’s brought us together with this fantasy world, and if that isn’t magic in itself, to create a fandom and bring together friends (and lovers!) for life, or even temporarily, I don’t know what is. 

[Portait of Anne Rice by remcovanstraten]