Gaspard Ulliel photographed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for Numéro Homme, 2016

I just got a notif for the casting call for Nicolas and I screamed lol. Do you have any favs/people that come to mind?

Anon’s right, Nicolas casting topic went out yesterday:


I had answered a Nicolas casting question a year ago and now I felt like doing it fresh, see if my answers change… I looked through some of the suggestions on the OVCFB page but I couldn’t make it through ALL of the comments and I really liked this comment, let’s choose an unknown actor!:


Anyway. Keep in mind beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so I saw quite a wide variety on the OVCFB page due to that. My own opinions reflect my own idea of beauty so yours may vary.

BUT FIRST, a brand-new misspelling of his name by a POTP bc reasons:


Nocholos…… Buenos Nocholos….. *eyeroll*

So in no special order (except I think Ezra Miller is my fave rn)


^Ezra Miller: Looks great in period costume, has perfect hair, has so much sass. I saw him in We Need to Talk About Kevin, I just think he is captivating, and cruel, and humorous, all the ingredients for a Nicolas de Lenfent ❤


^Ben Barnes is not currently my FAVE appearance-wise, I feel like he’s too… soft?…. but his acting boosts him up. He seems to be the front running POTP fave so I am betting AR will follow up with him.


^Benedict Samuel: I’ve only seen him recently in The Walking Dead, and you have to see him in that, bc he’s as sweet and tender and intense and depressive as Nicolas needs to be. Physically, these full lips and dark brooding eyes, the wide smile that’s almost manic and the frown that speaks to a deeper well of misery that no one can hope to touch. Am I praising him too much? PROBABLY BUT I DO WHAT I WANT. [I wax on poetic about him a little more here]


^Reeve Carney seems to be a HUGE POTP favorite. I hate his hair. HATE. THE MIDDLE. PART. AND. SO. FLAT. If they can give him a wig, then we might be in business.


^Alexander Vlahos well bc Versailles. He was mentioned a few times on the OVCFB so we may see some followup with him.


^Louis Garrel has been a Louis RPer’s face claim and he’s a Nicolas face claim currently for @bloodstrung. I see Garrel as more of a Louis, but I’d screentest him as Nicolas.

Hit the jump for more, cut for length.


^Jonas Kesseler is a model so idk if he’s too old now or if he can act, but visually, he is pretty close to my headcanon.


^I used to really love Gaspard Ulliel as Lestat but not so much anymore… also, the POTP have made me consider him for Nicolas and I think it could work! I like that he has the scar, too, and that could be explained in the show in some fun way like it was in Hannibal Rising.


^David Garrett, I feel like he’s too masculine, too mature of feature, but he is amazing on the violin so that could outweigh his physical appearance for me. @darknessmolten used him as a face claim.


^Landon Liboiron was a POTP suggestion, I am kinda digging him for reasons I can’t explain.


^Nicolas RPer @a-misunderstanding-my-love​ used model Michael Gandolfi, and idk if he still looks like this or if he can act, but I think he has some of the cruelty that you need for a good Nicolas.

Voice of Louis

We got a question about our headcanon of Louis’ accent in our coffee shop AU collab, and, I thought others might be interested in our answer so here it is!


[^X] My answer: in canon, Louis would have spoken French as his native language, and Creole in NOLA. Being a vampire, he probably began learning English from various people during his travels with Armand after Paris, and then really got the full dose of it when they were living in NY together in the 20th century.

For our AU, I think of him as having moved to NOLA as a child, and his family moved back to France when he was in college or otherwise old enough to be living on his own; or that he still has family in NOLA, and in modern day, people do speak English there. There’s definitely some Creole and a mixture among the natives now so he might have picked up some of that, but I would think he always went to schools where he had to speak English.

When I visited NOLA (I’ve been a few times now) I didn’t notice everyone there having a heavy southern accent. I would think that a bookworm like Louis might have even less, being kind of antisocial and learning his words from books and speaking mainly to his few close friends and family.

As in canon, his French accent should be noticeable but doesn’t mark him as completely a foreigner, just different emphasis on certain letters, a tendency to hit “th” a little like a “d,” for example.

Gaspard Ulliel’s voice is my headcanon for Louis’ accent, although it is a lower register than I think of Louis.

@wicked-felina​ added:

Yep, I pretty much echo what @i-want-my-iwtv​ says and my headcanon is more or less in tune with hers –

In the fic, Louis comes from a solidly French family from Brittany (I believe we may have stolen this location from @gairid). He moves with them to New Orleans (or its environs) when he is a child, and he learns English whilst there.

However, his accent is tempered by the following things:

a) His family are Francophone and speak French almost exclusively at home;
b) Their relatives in Louisiana are Acadian, so there is that dialect of French and/or Franglais colouring his accent;
c) The family is upper class

Of course, his English would have the Louisiana lilt to it, but all that above, too.

From my own experience, French people seem to be amongst the ones who most strongly cling to their accent when speaking English. I have worked with and have many friends from France (including from Brittany) who are fluent in English but have that ‘sharpness’ to the consonants that Daniel references in IWTV.

I also have found that every French person I know pronounces ‘idea’ as ‘idee’ (i.e. the French way) no matter how fluent they are. I pointed this out to my French boss once and was told that we pronounce it The Wrong Way because it is a French word. XD

Apologies if this went through already, tumblr did something weird. Do you know if Tom Cruise was interested in making more VC movies? I heard he wanted to do The Vampire Lestat but couldn’t because of contractual obligations.

He was totally down for it at one point! I don’t have the evidence readily available, but I remember reading articles in which he said he’d read several of the books to prepare for the role, and was very interested in doing a sequel (something he has only done for Mission Impossible, and now, Jack Reacher).

I think at one point he owned the rights to TOBT and that would have incorporated some of TVL.

I don’t think what ruined it was contractual obligations, it was more about the homophobic backlash, despite how successful IWTV was. Plus, making a movie takes a whole team. It probably got mired in development hell, which is what held up the IWTV movie for some 20 years.

Whatever the case, I think Tom should be involved w/ casting Lestat, and then Tom should train them, or at least write out a Lestatiquette manual bc he nailed it.


Gaspard Ulliel and Raphaël Personnaz in La princesse de Montpensier (2010)

So apparently I will have to watch this movie bc I just saw Mr. Personnaz on my dash earlier today and thought, “hmmmm, Nicolas de Lenfent?” and then this gif w/ him + in period costume + a shirtless long-haired Gaspard Ulliel (who I have mentioned as an option for Lestat de Lioncourt) + they appear to be in bed together and well… you do the math.


Shakespeare’s Othello | Starring Omar Sy, Lea Seydoux, Gaspard Ulliel, Clemence Poesy, and Romain Duris.

Shakespeare’s tragedy set in contemporary Paris in the world of old money and the elite, a world made up of champagne, fast cars, and lavish parties. Self-made man Othello (Sy), has recently eloped with the breathtaking Desdemona (Seydoux), after bringing himself up from the Paris slums to become the founder of his own company. Although Othello and Desdemona’s love is passionate and genuine, it is not accepted by all: Desdemona’s CEO father is furious that Othello has allegedly seduced his daughter, and Roderigo, a wealthy bank owner and a possible husband for Desdemona, is angered that the “new money” Othello has stolen her from him. Othello takes the somewhat inexperienced Michael Cassio (Duris) as his new business partner, angering Iago (Ulliel) who believes that he deserves the job over Cassio. When Othello must go to Montparnasse for business, Desdemona goes with him, as well as Cassio, Iago, and Iago’s wife Emilia (Poesy). What no one knows is that Iago has plans to destroy Othello’s marriage and his business, bringing down everyone in the process.


12-year-old Kirsten Dunst was made to look 5 years old in IWTV and technology has advanced so much since then so there is no excuse for Tom Cruise not to be Lestat again.

^Agrees aggressively


I just saw your post about Gaspard Ulliel being Lestat, I just wanted to say he would be awesome as lestat! I saw him recommended before on YouTube or something but yes he’s a good choice. (Sorry if this seems a little pointless I was just excited)


I think Tom should be consulted on his opinion, and then when they do cast a Lestat, Tom should train him personally. 


duendology replied to your post: BLEU DE CHANEL: Interview with Gaspard…

if you haven’t seen it already, you should definitely watch “The Vintner’s Luck”. He plays a strange angel there who has a particular interest in…wine and wine maker as well.

OuO thank you! Added to my list. 


Edit: atsumistressDon’t watch the vintner’s luck – read it!!!! The film completely altered the plot and missed out the most important part! It is a fantastic story!



BLEU DE CHANEL: Interview with Gaspard Ulliel

ah yes this is where I have laid my affections. Watch this interview bc he could almost be talking about Lestat here. 

This is the guy I would most want as Lestat. No he doesn’t look like Rutger Hauer or Tom Cruise. Did Tom Cruise perfectly *match the physical descriptions from the books* physically? No, but he did a fabulous job bc PROFESSIONAL ACTING. I think Ulliel’s charm as young Hannibal proved he doesn’t need to match those descriptions either. Consider:

  • Speaks French fluently. Obviously. 
  • Great figure
  • Blue eyes
  • Great smile
  • A smile that can look mischievous, cruel, playful, etc.
  • He can do dream sequences
  • He looks like he could be 20 or 21.