Where did the idea of vampires having balls actually come from? Like what started that… “I’m a bloodsucking creature of the night; I feel like dressing fabulous and going to mingle in high society!”



when i read this i thought by “balls” you meant “testicles” and i just sat here for like two minutes thinking about why vampires having testicles is peculiar to you and why it means that they hang out with the upper class

The idea came from me….and as for the other balls, I was born with them. Big ones. They don’t just drop off after receiving the Dark Gift either.



IWTV alt. ending part 1 (part 2)




0 to 100 real quick

He still remember’s, girl you better run the fuck out of there!! 





Credit: le boyfriend, inspired by dandelioncourt​‘s meme.


Claudia, talent, u has it. He’s the heart of the ocean. With boobs. 

Louis chéri? You noticed how I was well-behaved last night… Yes, of course you did, don’t be silly. So, I have a petite idea about my more than well-deserved reward… I know how much you enjoy going to Shakespeare plays with me.



♠ (Louis) I did notice you were less critical of my wardrobe last night than you usually are. Is that really what you want for your self-awarded “reward” ? The last Shakespeare performance we went to put you to sleep in the first act. It was somewhat embarrassing, especially because you had insisted on overdressing us both for the occasion. 


Don’t get
up on your high horse, I’m only trying to guide you. A man of such allure must
be at his best. It would be criminal not to see you in all your finery. It is possible that I was maladroit; please
see it as a consequence of my zealous nature.  

As for my
somnolence, what can I say? Your aloofness prevents me to find rest during the
day. Show me mercy, ma beauté.


♠ You’re going to lay the blame for your sleep deprivation on me? Mon Dieu, Lestat, if you have trouble sleeping during the day it’s your own damned fault for installing speakers in your coffin. 

Weren’t you the one who accused me of overdressing? I believe you called it “foolishness.” Instead of the contents of mine, perhaps you should be concerned about how flammable your own closet is. 

Do you still want to go out tonight, mon pamplemoussier? Or have you had enough? I have fictional characters I could be spending this valuable time with.