Part 2/2: Diplomacywink‘s hilarious VC riff on Hyperbole and a Half’‘This is Why I’ll Never be an Adult’ entry. 

Part 1 here

@wicked-felina​ (formerly @diplomacywink) did this! 



Part ½: Diplomacywink‘s hilarious VC riff on Hyperbole and a Half’‘This is Why I’ll Never be an Adult’ entry. 

Part 2 here

@wicked-felina​ (formerly @diplomacywink) did this and I think yall should see it.

I heard that Anne doesn’t like having her writing edited. which is why theres sometimes misspellings and things. have you heard anything about that ?


Anne doesn’t like having her ideas edited, that’s true, she talks about her style of writing here “On My Method of Writing:” 8/20/2003

(my emphasis added): 

“After the publication of the The Queen of the Damned, I requested of my editor that she not give me anymore comments. I resolved to hand in the manuscripts when they were finished. And asked that she accept them as they were. She was very reluctant, feeling that her input had value, but she agreed to my wishes. I asked this due to my highly critical relationship with my work and my intense evolutionary work on every sentence in the work, my feeling for the rhythm of the phrase and the unfolding of the plot and the character development. I felt that I could not bring to perfection what I saw unless I did it alone. In other words, what I had to offer had to be offered in isolation. So all novels published after The Queen of the Damned were written by me in this pure fashion, my editor thereafter functioning as my mentor and guardian.”

But she still has copy editors who look for misspellings and grammatical errors. She has had the same editor for 40+ years and compared their relationship to a marriage.  

Daniel Molloy –> Malloy: well, in QOTD it’s “Molloy,” and it’s “Malloy” in the IWTV script, which she wrote after she wrote QOTD. IIRC, she said at a booksigning that she just forgot 😛 but she’s made an effort to be more consistent; I think she said she reread books 1-3 before she wrote PL to refresh her memory.

It’s on FB that she makes misspellings of character names (notably, Nicholas for Nicolas), I don’t think anyone proofreads her FB posts *shrugs*

Also relevant: someone asked AR at the booksigning I went to for PL in 2014:

“Anne, has Vicky (Victoria Wilson, AR’s editor of 40+yrs) ever cut, or asked you to cut, a sex scene from any of your books?”

The answer was an immediate “NO.”

Vicky said: “Her sex scenes… I’m reading them going, ‘Oh Anne, are we going there? We are? Oh god.’ and then I turn the page and it gets so much more intense even…. and that’s what great writing is, it takes you on a journey you might not have planned on, but enjoyed.”

What do you think Louis role will be in the next book? ( also, do you think Anne will be mentioning the crossovers this time? )


Louis will probably spend a lot of time fawning over Lestat, there will probably be a wedding and he’ll probably get another gawdy emerald ring to add to the pile of them. IDK but apparently he can fly now, so he’s using his vampiry gifts finally! Hopefully we’ll see some more of that. 


[^X] AR has said, at a booksigning I went to in Oct. 2014, that she didn’t think the Mayfair/VC crossover aged well over time. @daniel-james-molloy has a theory that we’ll see Taltos in PLROA. We’ll see! 

AR wrote on 10/20/14


“I’ve been asked often: will there be crossover books involving my vampires and my werewolves? Will we see more crossover books with the vampires and the Mayfair witches? — As I see things now, no, I will not be doing crossover books again that involve two different series. The simple reason is: I’ve discovered from experience that each series has a certain texture, a certain ambience, a certain dominant set of aesthetic rules; and crossovers seldom do justice to the series involved in this regard. I’m proud of the hybrid vampire/Mayfair novels (Merrick, Blackwood Farm, and Blood Canticle and appreciate very much those readers who enjoyed them), but these books have not aged well in my mind and heart. I also think many readers were confused by them, especially Mayfair readers who did not especially care for the vampire books I wrote. But I would never say never to anything now. I love to experiment, break new ground, take twists and turns. Who knows? And I do appreciate the questions on this very much.”

What would you rate each of the books on a scale of 1 to 10?

I’ve been avoiding this Ask for two days bc I generally do not believe in rating things, my love for a thing fluctuates, and I wouldn’t want to offend someone by saying their most fave VC is my least fave VC but I felt like this was a good challenge to try anyways. Apologies if I offended anyone 😛

Another thing that makes it hard to rate them is that ALL of these books are problematic and they all have stuff in them that is painful and scary but you have to understand that I love that stuff, I’m not afraid of scary topics, I dig into them and unpack them and find the benefit of them, so I want to rate the books partly on the Revised Pain Scale by Hyperbole and a Half:


And actually this was a pretty cool thing to do, and I highly recommend you try it! Not surprisingly, when I plotted it all out afterwards, it shows how powerful the series began, at least for me. You guys might want to map it out for yourselves, I’d be curious to see if other ppl get similar results!

So I did a rating for the Happy Scale (H) and Pain Scale (P). Assume the Happy Scale is the exact opposite of the Pain Scale, but escalating in Happy from 1-11 (11 being near-death happiness overload). Dates below are dates of publication, but for MTD onwards, they are also the years I first read them.


Hit the jump for the ratings and a little commentary ^_____^

It appears that my initial love for the first few books is what got me to keep going, I keep hoping for the same flavor as the first ones had, what addicted me in the first place. I find it in small amounts and it’s enough to keep me soldiering on with it.

You have to realize that when I got into VC in 1994, only the first 4 books were out. After that, I had to wait as each one came out to read it! Bingeing through them just wasn’t an option for baby!Burnadette 😛

Before I go into this I have to say there’s a lot I love about the books and a lot of great and happy things happen in them, too! I usually don’t believe in rating books, bc my perception of them changes over time and depending on different life experiences I’ve had. Essentially, “To define is to limit” -Oscar Wilde. I can see why it might benefit others, tho. So I tried to rate them according to what I feel now, and what’s been consistent.

Your rating will probably vary, it depends on your tolerance level for problematic things, and your love of specific characters, etc. obviously.

The Vampire Chronicles

Interview with the Vampire (1976) – The book that got me into this mess. So passionate, so much subtext, a dysfunctional little family that shouldn’t have existed or had half as much love as it enjoyed, but did both, unpredictable, and a supernatural story like no other that came before or after. 9H, 7P.

The Vampire Lestat (1985) – The book that changed my mind about Lestat and problematic characters as a whole. A force to be reckoned with who just won’t accept defeat. A royal fuckup and an inspiration, that one can fuck up that badly and still try to improve his lot in life, over and over again. 10H, 6P.

The Queen of the Damned (1988) – Lestat’s crazy girlfriend tries to take over the world. What a ride! 9H, 5P.

The Tale of the Body Thief (1992) – Lestat’s vacation as a mortal doesn’t go as well as planned bc of course it doesn’t. There was a lot of difficult stuff in this book but also a lot of comedy, and if you toss it just bc “bodyswap episode” seems dumb to you, you may be missing out on one of the most Lestatuesque displays of Lestat being Lestat. I think it had some catharsis in there, too, bc he has to let go of his idealization of mortality and chooses vampiring over being human. 10H, 7P.

Memnoch the Devil (1995) – When we thought this was the last book in the series, it was bittersweet. On the one hand, we had VC fanfic of the Bible itself, and being an open-minded person I thought that the concepts presented were very stimulating and there were some hearbreaking moments “NOT MY DEAD!” On the other, we had the last shot of Lestat, the last thing he tells us, “Let me pass now from fiction into legend.” Honey, you’ve been a legend since 1976. *cries* I loved it. 9H, 10P.

The Vampire Armand (1998) – He’s not my fave but this book was insightful and made me understand him and feel feelings for him. 6H, 7P.

Merrick (2000) – Initially did not like this, but over time it’s grown on me. I would have loved this book a lot more from Merrick’s perspective, or from Louis. The major thing that happens in it is one of the most painful in the series so that tips my pain scale, and the resolution of it is so good that it tips my happy scale a lot, some might say that event was a cheap thing to pull but I thought it made sense in the fabric of the story. Still think the characters should talk about what happened then, have they all decided never to bring it up bc it’s unpalatable? It deserves more in-canon discourse. 5H, 9P. 

Blood and Gold (2001) – Marius gets a whole book! I didn’t judge it on the historical accuracy/inaccuracy, and yes, some of it felt like a retcon, but so many VC books are retcons, and we have unreliable narrators, so I liked it for what it was. 7H, 2P.

Blackwood Farm (2002) – Most of this is almost not a VC bc it’s about this totally fresh set of characters, who I didn’t really like, so I couldn’t engage too deeply with it. 2H, 1P.

Blood Canticle (2003) – Well what can we say about this Mayfair/VC crossover except what AR has said? It hasn’t worn all that well. As AU fanfic it’s pretty fun. There are some great moments. 7H, 2P.

Prince Lestat (2014) – Treated this like AU fanfic and it was pretty funny, there were flashes of the characters being very believable, but for the most part, 3H, 6P. 

Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis (eta 11/29/16) – Pretty sure this is gonna be hilarious AU fanfic, predicting 5H, 2P. 

New Tales of the Vampires

Pandora (1998) – I was never super into her, but I liked her story alright. Still a better love story than Twilight. 4H, 2P.

Vittorio the Vampire (1999) – I was never into him and I didn’t really care for his origin story idk maybe if I were more of a history buff I’d like him more… oh well. I should give him another try sometime but for now: 0H, 1P.

In IWTV was that Brad Pitt’s real hair in the movie or was it a wig?

As far as I know it was his real hair ^_____^ 


He did a number of movies around that time with long hair, to the point where men were making fun of him for basically being TOO feminine (pretty eyes + big pouty lips + long silky mane = girl).

May I ask for a fan art request

You may ask! I’ll publish the ask, so that a fanartist might see it. I can’t promise the request will be filled. 

I draw but… I’m so critical of my own work (when it’s meant to look GOOD) that I usually don’t post it. Only silly things like this get posted:

Another way to make a fan art request is by commissioning an artist (paying them for their artwork). I have a tag for #commissions, they open occasionally, write to a fanartist and maybe they will take the commission!

What would YOU do if you and lestat switched bodies?


I cannot even fathom that situation.  I can only imagine that I would be immensely irritated at how such a thing would come to occur.  I would inevitably have to babysit Lestat to ensure nothing embarrassing terrible would occur throughout the duration of him possessing my body.

But, to simplify it…


You’re what keeps this half-undead fandom alive and on its toes, and usually laughing.

mon dieu! ♥♥♥​ thank uuuu such kind words, much appreciate!! ♥♥♥  the feels, they are mutual *attack hugs*


So glad to know my own VC addiction is enjoyed and shared by others.

It’s so encouraging to get messages like these. I hope this blog continues to live up to the high expectations it has set *u*