Since you have all the knowledge, here’s my question: A lot of fanart has the vampires with pointy ears. I don’t really mind that at all, I’m just wondering if there’s something in the books that I missed or in what Anne Rice said in an interview or so that is the origin of that or is it just a fanon thing that developed for some reason?

*booming voice* YISSS I HAVE ALLLL THE KNOWLEDGE. Lol, no, I’ve just read the books a lot of times and can usually recall this kind of minutiae. ANYONE CAN HAVE THIS POWER if they simply spend an inordinate amount of time reading these books, the meta, the fanfic… ehehehe…. 


[^Louis would probs not actually make this kind of commentary out loud during movies in public, but he definitely does when watching things w/ the coven privately. Lestat finds it endearing at times and irritating at other times. Also, Louis’s ears almost look pointy here, trick of the light.]

I’d say pointy ears is a fandom thing, I don’t think the ear shape has ever been mentioned in canon. I love it, I find it really charming, whether the ears are really sharpened or just subtly pointy ^_____^

It’s probably influenced by other vampire media, like Nosferatu, and it helps to differentiate the characters as *~preternatural creatures~* in fanart rather than as their mortal selves, which usually don’t have the vampiry embellishments.

Sometimes AR does mention smtg that wasn’t in canon, but we don’t all necessarily accept her additional info. To my knowledge, she hasn’t addressed this, I don’t think she’s offered much re: vampire physiology outside of canon; she usually volunteers/responds more about their sexuality or their current happenings, or their feelings about topics (#Fan questions for Lestat was AR RPing as Lestat, basically!).

We’ve added other little things in fanworks that were never mentioned in canon… for example, Daniel Molloy wears glasses in fanart even after being turned when presumably he wouldn’t need them! That’s probably bc of movie!IWTV bc iirc he doesn’t wear glasses in canon so maybe he’s popped the lenses out and wears them for fashion, like Kevin in the recent Ghostbusters.


Some vampire doodles because I wanted to draw expressions u0u

did i mention that i also love the road to el dorado


Another one, because I need to draw at least three of them. Obviously.
(It’s 2 am, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m not even sure whether this is a vampire or a sad lost puppy.)