And so he ran after me all the way back to the hotel, all the way across the rooftops, where I hoped to lose him, until I leaped in the window of the parlor and turned in rage and slammed the window shut. He hit it, arms outstretched, like a bird who seeks to fly through glass, and shook the frame.

Louis de Pointe du Lac describing my absolute favourite moment in the entire series that needs to be talked about more. (via just-another-vcblog)

What book is this from, i need to know , what did i miss (via vampatiddy)

^That’s from Interview ;D

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One reblog and I’ll draw this.

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Please, I beg you

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I’m doing this

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Okay so… I would have loved to see Daniel with a Mullet… Also Armand with a Mullet??? They would look ridiculous


god, yes, Daniel who has at this point never stopped to even consider how the passing of trends could impact in his life/afterlife, and Armand who thinks he has grasped the importance of the difference between timeless and The Worst by now. thank you for giving me the excuse to draw mullet Daniel again



i have a lot of WIP daniel/armand comics. (that one i posted last night was previously part of ye olde pile.) 

in the event i never finish the 4 different comics these panels are taken from, at least they won’t waste away in MS5 files, never to see the light of day.





I’ve begun a list of headcanons I have held for varyingly amounts of time that relate to my fic and it’s already gotten quite long.  Here’s one of my long-held and cherished Louis head canons –

Louis cannot wink. His version is to close both eyes in the slow, satisfied  manner of cats. He does not appear to realize that this is not a true wink – it delights Lestat to no end and he has never mentioned to Louis that he cannot, in fact, wink and apparently neither has anyone else.