Merry Christmas Lestat. Is there anything special you want for Christmas? With all the new technology in the already overcrowded, self absorbed world, I am curious about what would interest you.

Joyeux Noël to you. How thoughtful to ask what I want *grins*

Among other things, I would like a VeinViewer to use on David. Is this not one of the most intensely cool things? I know where major veins are, of course, but the detail in this device, the specific locations, so many possible erogenous zones to discover… 


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Hand Blown Glass Wine Decanters Inspired By Arterial Blood Flow By Etienne Meneau

Artist Etienne Meneau crafts the traditional wine decanters with an artistic twist – glass veins become red wine holders in his “Stranger Carafes” series. 

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Details of Michelangelo’s masterpiece “David” (1501–1504)

#the best thing I ever learned about the David is that he made it as a big ‘fuck you’ #according to one of my art teachers #he was given a shit piece of marble that made it incredibly difficult to work with #and it was done on purpose #and so insteaded of throwing a bitch fit or saying he couldn’t work with the marble- #thus proving that he ‘wasn’t that great of an artist’ #he looked at the marble and said ‘no fuck you I will make this my masterpiece and it will be the greatest thing I’ve ever made’ #which of course pissed people off when he did just that #I’m telling ya’ll right now that Renaissance art history is the greatest thing #it’s all a bunch of divas acting overly dramatic and getting into passing contests over who was the better artist #and being commissioned by the church to create propaganda #and then using said propaganda art to add content that subtly undermines the church #I once wrote a ten page paper on that specifically #and let me tell you: the biggest divas were the sculptors (x)




Look at your wrist, see the blueish veins? The blood flowing through them contains hemoglobin, a protein that has four iron atoms incorporated into its structure. Iron is only naturally produced in one place, it can only be forged in the core of dying stars.

Every time you look at your veins, remember that you are built from, and kept alive by, pieces of stardust.

This is beautiful. I needed this

just learned this in astronomy and can confirm. I love.