This Vampire!Loki x Tattoo Artist!Thor fic is coming together!!!!!!!!!!

This morning parts of my “outline” were “I don’t know what or how this happens”. I just filled in one of the hazy vampire romance dreams and closed up the holes in their third session at the tattoo parlor!

Vampire!Loki’s hobbies include getting tattoos, bachata dancing, and pissing Business Owner!Sif off.

Sif will only refer to Loki as “Porn Star”.

@laurasking@superhiki, these two fandoms are colliding!

We Are Our Own Saviors – by Gairid, Leshan – Vampire Chronicles fic – Anne Rice [Archive of Our Own]


**Chapters 3, 4 and 5 now posted**


Part 3 of the series Torn, Frayed & Mended – Lestat and Louis continue to mend their relationship and to explore the past. Brian takes some time to consider his life and to complete some arrangements he’s had in the works.

We Are Our Own Saviors – by Gairid, Leshan – Vampire Chronicles fic – Anne Rice [Archive of Our Own]





Dante and Virgile in Hell, detail (1850)

William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Just another night at the Rue Royale townhouse.


Ooc: Mun’s favorite Momma!mode Louis headcanons?


ooc; OH GOSH.  Well, some of these are just with the Unholy Family in general and not just Louis exclusively.

  • He would read bedtime stories to Claudia before they went to bed every morning when she was a legit child.  Sometimes he’d replace the names of characters with hers, Lestats, and his own to amuse her.
  • He sang her Creole lullabies like all the time don’t even argue
  • He and Lestat would put on little living room productions of popular plays.  Louis near always played the female roles, which irritated him, but Claudia would beg.  In reality, she and Lestat were just conspiring against him.
  • Which I also think Lestat and Claudia conspired against Louis often like sometimes they’d conspire against him with his clothes k (see: The Secret History idgaf that spec is like canon in my mind)
  • Sometimes Louis would get passive aggressive during productions of Romeo & Juliet and “Juliet’s” fake daggar would slip and stab “Romeo” instead of “herself” woops
  • Also sometimes when they were doing these productions Lestat would kiss him and Louis would forget that this was a play in front of Claudia for roughly 0.05 seconds
  • He’d play dolls with Claudia and would always adopt literally the stupidest mock-female voice which he also used during plays
  • He was really hardcore about Claudia’s education while Lestat was like “omg Louis let the girl have fun”