“When had it happened that arterial blood was not enough, and he must rip out the heart and suck it dry also? When had it started that he had to lick the most vicious wounds for the little juice they would yield? He could exist without this, yet he couldn’t resist it, and so he sought—or so he told himself—to make the very most of it when he feasted.” – Prince Lestat, Marius and the Flowers.




This deep red velvet human heart cake is a perfect treat to make for Halloween. Here’s instructions on how you can make it.

It literally looks so fucking good omfg

We need this for when a VC cosplayer is willing to re-enact the whole QOTD scene involving eating a heart…

The passage you copied under the fanart.. wow. Later books always make me forget how terrifying Armand was in TVL.

Yes, Armand really can be terrifying. Why do you think Lestat’s so wary around him? This happens in later canon to remind you, tho:



Exploring the darkness 4/?

“I had the heart and held it as I’d seen Pandora hold it. I drank from it. Oh, it had plenty of blood. This was magnificent. I sucked it to pulp and then let it fall”    – TVA, Armand healing after going into the sun