Can we please get a master post of every time Lestat and Louis are affectionate or that arguing old couple TM? I live for their relationship

Ah, yes, I can do that… books or movie? Probably both, I assume. That’ll take awhile to compile. Can’t promise I can do that very soon but maybe someone reading this wants to take it on? Hmmm? Volunteers? I still have the other proj of pulling ridiculous Lestat quotes from the rest of canon, which I have yet to sit down and do.

For now, try my #rue royale / #Another typical night at the Rue Royale tags, which have posts that I feel like are typical affectionate and/or arguing old couple™ stuff, not necessarily canon, but still… like this right here:


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(If you just want fluff, I have a #cuddles tag for that.)

I love your memeything! They r so funny and creative! Keep going! <333

Thanks! Much appreciated. Here’s an oldie but a goodie for ya…


I’ll try to keep making fresh ones, buuuut… I bet I have some old ones you haven’t seen in my #memeything tag, and also! The #vintage meme tag has a few that inspired me to start making my own.

…..aaaaand these ppl make VC memes! Check theirs out, I might have some of their memes mixed into my #by someone else tag (in no special order):

If anyone knows of other blogs that do VC memes/memeythings, reblog/comment plz.

Why do I call them memeythings?? Well, when I started making them, I wasn’t sure if they really counted as “memes” bc “memes” as I understood them, had to be some widely-accepted joke first… text from somewhere else, so I called mine memeythings instead, bc I did some of my own “writing” for them, like this “boop your nose” one, but now it’s normal to make up your own text or grab text from anywhere and it counts as a “meme,” I think. I still like the word, tho, so I’m keeping it. 



I met a photographer in New Orleans who said Anne Rice told him she started dressing flashier because Elvis came to her in a dream and told her to. God bless Anne Rice.

You can really see the before and after of Ghost-Elvis fashion advice

^X by @textsfromthevampire


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Do you have a list/know of any good VC fanfics? I think I’ve read them all. I can’t find any!!! Smut, plot, I don’t care, I’m truly desperate. But now with all the TV show news, the fandom is slowly awakening from its hibernation so there have been a lot of new fanfic/art/stuff!! Also, AR wrote some bs on her personal FB about negative reviews and people feeling “victimized” and crap. I can’t. Also, Lestat, is it bad that I’m jealous of my friends because they hang out without me all the time?

Woah that is a lot of questions! I’m gonna respond to the comment about the negative reviews and the ask for Lestat

separately, for clarity.


[XFor VC faaaanfic:

There’s good stuff right here on tumblr, too. VC RPers write threads and answer asks in character, which you might like, and some of them also write drabbles from time to time, try these links/tags to find them:

Other ppl who might be able to help:

What do you think of Lestat from the Queen of the Damned movie?

I really dislike that movie as a whole, but I know many ppl enjoy it for what it is and/or find it nostalgic, so I try to keep my negative opinions about it to myself.


(by textsfromthevampire ^This meme actually works in reference to Lestat and Stuart Townsend AS Lestat.)

The long answer is:

I didn’t hate Townsend. I don’t like to throw hate on actors for their acting. I’d say ST did the best he could with what he was given. His failure as Lestat was a group effort (makeup, costume, script writer, dialogue coach, director, editor, sfx, etc. all had a hand in what we got on the screen) much as Cruise’s success was a group effort (wherein all those things previously mentioned came together so perfectly).

The actor is one part of the machine in creating that character. The failure or success of the character can ultimately be placed on the director since s/he’s the one who coordinates and makes all the aesthetic choices for the entire film.

But again, some ppl really enjoyed him as Lestat, maybe for the same reasons I /disliked/ his performance! Everyone has their own taste, ppl frequently disagree with the Academy Awards (why hasn’t Tom Cruise gotten one yet???!!), it’s all very subjective.

Is this where i may apply to join the theatre de vampires I heard u get free cookies

When you join you will be unable to eat cookies. Wouldn’t our fandom pastry be red velvet cupcakes tho?

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X Lestat’s line from @bloodstainedcherub]