InktoberVC Day 01 – Alternate Book Cover | Blood & Gold

oh, my lovely jewel. how i have loved you both in innocence and guilt. you don’t know how much i have lusted after you, both as monster and man. you don’t know how i’ve turned my hunger from you when it was something i could scarce control.

So I noticed in the movie IWTV when the vampires go to sleep in their coffins they don’t wear pajamas, why is that?

Hmmm, I don’t know! We only see them in the coffin (for sleeping, as you said, not like in the scene Louis gets locked into a coffin by the TdV) a few times in the film. That could be a sample size problem, maybe other nights they did change into pajamas!

1) There’s the night Louis gets turned, maybe there wasn’t enough time that night to change his clothes but he really ought to have, since his clothes would’ve gotten messy from the procedure (the whole “your body is dying” thing) maybe the filmmakers didn’t want to give him the chance to change clothes bc that would be too caring of Lestat, gotta keep the focus on Lestat being an antagonist.


2) Maybe in these shots w/ Claudia, she is dressed for “bed,” but Louis didn’t have time to change, or maybe he likes dressing in what he’s going to wear the next night… but I think it’s mostly to try to reduce the pedo taboo. He’s a faher figure, even though he’s technically her brother. If he was wearing something more comfortable or showing anymore than face & hand skin, it could be construed as … not fatherly.


IIRC, changing clothes for bed isn’t mentioned in the book!IWTV. I’ll reblog a few posts of vampires in bedclothes for ya ;D

Lestat talks about putting on a special outfit when he stays over at Marius’ house in TVL. He finds a gold mask w/ a hood, leather gloves covered with gold scales, and a blanket with gold plates on one side.

“I realized that if I put on this mask and these gloves – if I laid
over me the blanket – then I would be protected from the light if anyone
opened the lid of the sarcophagus while I slept.”

I hate to bother you and preemptively thank you for your time– but I’m having trouble finding a piece of fan art. I’m pretty sure it’s Louis and Lestat, and Louis’ drawn to look like Tom Hiddleston. But it’s not the IWTV poster by Derlaine8. I think Lestat’s posed to bite Louis? I figured if anyone would know what I was looking for, it would be you.

Not a bother at all! If there were a collector of fanart who might possibly know what you’re looking for… I would be that one. I definitely know the @derlaine and @reapersun collab, it’s amazing [X]! I can only think of 2 other fanarts that fit what you’re looking for… 

“I will be your one true sun.” by @wantstobelieve (I think this is the one you’re looking for… I’m not reposting it here in thumbnail or detail bc I think the artist strongly disapproves of doing either); 

Or it could be this one, since Lestat’s the one biting, but Loki doesn’t really look like Tom Hiddleston:


Thor vampire X  loki. by @10000ta (please reblog from the link or the source!)

Otherwise, try my #thorki tag, bc in some fanart, the resemblance to L/L is uncanny. Does anyone know of a fanart that fits anon’s description?



Thank you @i-want-my-iwtv for that beautiful gifset  you sent :’) I haven’t drawn vc in forever

is it bad that I kinda wanna write an L/L masquerade fic now?


#Do The Thing #I expect a draft on my desk asap