Okay, so we’re about to face an important day and I’d like to say rock and roll we’ve made it, the impossible is now possible!! Anne said she would never write another vampire chronicles book but here we are!! This is a very exciting time for all of us and honestly, I couldn’t be happier about it. But let us not forget to TAG OUR SPOILERS for those who don’t have access to it as soon as they would like to. I myself am having trouble with my account so I’m not going to be able to get it until about a week or two after it comes out, and I won’t be on tumblr because of spoilers that I know will happen. So that being said, feel free to leave my lestat messages about the book if you want, or me, or if you just need to holy shit about it! Feel free!

But like I said, be courteous, tag your spoilers along the lines of #princelestatspoilers, and don’t forget to put your discussions under a readmore. This is a very exciting time for all of us and we all want the same experience of surprise and adventure without the ending or plot being spoiled.

Thanks friends!

^AGREED. Please tag your spoilers, y’all. #princelestatspoilers is a good tag… I’ll be using that and plain old #spoiler.

Advice for VC fandom newbies?


advice? ADVICE? Um, wowww… so I usually have strong opinions on ALOT of things, especially VC-related, but this sort of knocked me speechless. For about a minute. Then I wanted to write a thesis on the subject but managed to keep it to this much.

I would suggest that:

  • If you want to RP as one of the characters, or an OC, you really have to read at least the first 3 books. And lots of fanfiction 😉
  • We have awesome fanfiction and AO3 aims to protect it.
  • Did I mention the fanfiction? It fills in the gaps that canon leaves. And it’s also just delishus.
  • The RPers on here are SO fun to follow. Try finding some in the vcdirectory or the vcdirectoryold (I don’t know the difference, but hey, go investigate!)
  • With the canon: you should have an open mind to Crazy Shit Happening


  • DUE to the Crazy Shit that Happens later in the series, you are not required to consider it all canon 😉 Alot of people don’t consider books 5-10 to be canon. Or 4-10. Or wherever they want to draw the line. That is FINE.
  • Brace yourself, because Prince Lestat is coming. No, not like that, you filthy thing! ARRIVING. 10/28/14. And, depending on its crackiness, there is going to be a divide between people who consider it to be canon and people who do not, and that is FINE. 
  • There’s a divide between People of the Page and People Off the Page, described here.
  • In general the People Off the Page are a low-drama fandom, but we do have our spats, even the illustrious human behind i-want-my-iwtv has experienced a few direct situations, and that’s just life, bc people are people, after all. I’ve accepted my share of the fault in these situations and learned from the experiences. I’m not perfect, nobody is :-

The bottom line is that it’s a fandom that only in the past year or so has really come back to life, we were in hiding bc Anne Rice disapproved of fanfic and waged war on us in the 90’s for it. Now that she seems to have lowered her weapons about that, and even praised some VC fanart – permanentglitter for example! – and with the announcement in March of the new book, well, we’re all coming out into the light and making friends and it’s been wonderful!  

I hope you see this, Anon, because we all know there’s a human behind that gray face, too, and I want to personally welcome you and anyone who’s just joining us now… we are a different kind of vampire fandom, that’s for sure. 

monsieur-le-rockstar said: Prince Lestat is coming. No, not like that, you filthy thing! HEY MAN MAYBE HE”S COMING

I stand – possibly – corrected. I can’t speak to Lestat’s current whereabouts or bodily functions. 

I was really just hoping for any and all vampire Lestat head canons you could have, book or IwtV movie?

Hmmm, still kind of too broad. I could write books on that subject, which would conflict w/ my day job.

You should go to the Lestat RPers. Some even have a page for headcanon stuff, like askthebratprince. Other Lestat RPers I’ve seen and enjoy watching (in no special order):

eternallyfabulousbratlestat, monsieur-le-rockstarmaestrolestat, gorgeous-fiend, princelestat, primusdux, asavagegardenindeed, lestattheonetruepope

I’ll try to share my own headcanon at some point, I’ll tag it as iwantmyiwtvheadcanon, so you can search that tag later. Really though, go for those RPers, they’ll satisfy you better than I can 😉 



favourite denethor moments — asked by nobody

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“Everyone hates Lestat,” my next album.

monsieur-le-rockstar (via merciful-death)

Track listing:

1. I’m Too Pretty for this Bullshit, Louis

2. Shut Up and Let Me Explain 

3. Shut Up and Let Me Explain (Saving the World remix)

4. Doing the Thing, in Your Face, All Night Long

5. Oops I Did it Again (Britney Spears cover)

6. Love is a Battlefield (w/ Kanye West)

7. Armand has a Crush on Me (w/ the American Boys Choir)

8. Cleaning out my Closet (Eminem cover)

9. My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up) (Fallout Boy Cover)

10. Don’t Question My Brilliance 


 #one time monsieur-le-rockstar and I were roleplaying on WhatsApp

#Louis and Lestat were in Austria and they’d just had an argument

#so Louis went downstairs in the hotel and encountered this cute Austrian guy and they started talking in German about literature and what they were reading presently

#Lestat came down and saw them and got pissed off because

#a) how dare some cute guy speak to mon louis

#b) how dare some cute guy speak to mon louis in a language i don’t understand

#so lestat seduced the dude and killed him

#and louis was like

#‘lestat you don’t just kill a man for speaking to me’

#and lestat was like ‘but you were flirting’

#and louis was like ‘we were talking about oscar wilde’

#and lestat was like ‘so you were flirting’

#true story

Lestat has a special way of doing THINGS BOYS DO WE LOVE